Imagine More Recap with Suzanne and Kris Reinhard


Suzanne and Kris Reinhard

Occupation: Suzanne Reinhard, Suzanne Reinhard Events & Kris Reinhard, Fifth Group Restaurants and Bold Catering & Design

Twitter handle: @sreinhardevents, @boldeventsatl, @fifthgrouper

Instagram handle: @sreinhardevents, @boldeventsatl, @fifthgroup

On lifestyle: “Kris and I and our lifestyle is pretty unique compared to probably most typical families. We're very much similar to entrepreneurs that we don't get Friday and Saturday nights off. We work a seven day work week. We have moments that we have down time, but so much of our work between I work at home with my job… It's not an eight-hour day. We don't, unfortunately, get to play tennis Saturdays or Golf on Saturdays. But we do find great joy in the work that we do” - Suzanne

On teaching children: “One of the things that I constantly question myself about is there's little things that I tried to teach my children, whether it be cooking or some kind of work ethic type scenarios at home, and it's kind of a constant challenge in trying to figure out the balance of okay, how much should they be kids and kind of have fun and do what they want? And how much should we be driving them to develop their work ethic at what age?… We got to work, and these are things, just part of life, and trying to explain it to them, and it's very difficult. And I found myself telling them that weekends were for work, and they looked at me like I was crazy… And so it's a challenge as a parent to try and figure out where you do draw the line with, okay, these kids have been in school all week, and you want them to have a good work ethic, and they meet with different groups and organizations after school whether it be sports or with tutors or whatever. And so they're busy. But at the same time, every down moment, we're used to working at such a pace a velocity, that although it's thrilling, it can also be detrimental. And it's something that we struggle with… It’s a burden, but at the same time, it's a pleasure. But it's not for everyone. So trying to figure out who's going to have the personality and the desire to fill that type of role in their career, it's a tough question.” - Kris

On work-life balance: “High-performance people don't always have a whole lot of balance, I believe. They don't live life like normal people and have this carved out time. They hustle a lot. When they're not sleeping, they're getting stuff done. And it's a lot about organization and making sure you schedule things and appropriately.” - Suzanne

“But it's the life we've chosen, and you got to keep the hammer down and keep moving. And it starts very early in the morning and goes usually sometimes very late at night and on the weekends, but it's planning it out. It's just having a good game plan and making sure you put things in the calendar. I mean it's sad to say we wanted to have fun with our social time, whether it's with each other, with just me and Suzanne, or with friends of ours, we work several weeks out often. And sometimes several months out to be able to plan anything. But that's what you've got to do just put it in the calendar and come and go from there.” - Kris

On dining out: “That is probably your tip of the day for people who've never worked in fine dining restaurants is that if you go to a good restaurant and you have a really good server, just let them order for you. They know the best things. They'll bring you the best wines. If you don't feel like making any decisions and you realize that as long as you're not somewhere the check might get seriously out of hand. I do it all the time. The people who work there, they know the best stuff to bring you, and you don't have to make a decision.” - Suzanne

On entrepreneurship: “When your business starts to grow, you really have to be an expert in all fields.” - Kris

“The biggest lessons I've learned is people love feedback. You have to make sure you do your best in leading with the right words” - Suzanne