Imagine More Recap with Anisa Darnell


Anisa Darnell

Co-Founder, Truth & Co

Occupation: Anisa Darnell, Co-Founder of Truth & Co

Website: Truth & Co

Twitter handle: @anisadarnell

Instagram handle: @truthandcodesign

On growth: “When you think you've been in the field long enough, you can never stop learning. I never want to stop learning. I keep trying to challenge myself and grow… Something that I didn't realize as an entrepreneur when you are growing a team how much time you'll need to spend investing in them and just being intentional. I think, my job is meeting with clients, designing, but also maintaining our team and making sure everyone's healthy and the relationships there, and encouraging. My biggest weakness and my biggest struggle I say is delegating.”

On a virtual office: “Oh, it's awesome. We even tried an office space for two months, and I just was like, ‘I'm never there.’ I was paying for it and it was such a great idea. Like, ‘Yeah, let's have this space a conference room for our team to meet.’ We tried it but after two months, we stopped and we're like, ‘I think we're just gonna keep doing what we do.’ This is what we do. I was trying to make this cool. I don't know if I was trying to impress myself or anybody, but like, ‘Yeah, we have an office space, but our conference room to meet in, and this is how we roll. So we're just gonna keep doing it this way.’”

On the design process: “I still love it. It's what makes my heart flutter. I absolutely love it. When we get to install days and I get to style a bookcase, or it might be putting books on a coffee table or cutting flowers, but when I look around and I see our team and they're happy and they're giddy about those days, I still love design. I think the whole reason is the reveal.”

Advice to other entrepreneurs: “Don't give up. It's hard work. You'll have failures. I've definitely made mistakes, sometimes costly ones, but I've learned that if you make mistakes, you probably won't do it again.”