Imagine More Recap with Tammy Bjelland


Tammy Bjelland

Founder, Workplaceless

Currently working on: Certifications and leadership programs for remote workers

Website: Workplaceless

Twitter handle: @workplaceless

Instagram handle: @workplaceless

On Workplaceless: “The program is a remote-work certification program, and it covers seven core modules that prepare people who are new to remote or who want to work remotely, prepares them for understanding what the difference is between working in a co-located environment versus working remotely. So we cover the basics and we cover the differences. And then they test their knowledge with assessments. And then they apply their knowledge with assignments. And then the second program that we have currently in development is a leadership program that prepares managers who have not led remote teams before or perhaps brand new manager who are in startups or companies that are completely distributed to manage their remote team effectively.”

On remote work best practices: “There's a lot of things that might work for one type of organization that don't work for another. But there are some universal best practices that really just encompass best practices and how to be a productive and efficient worker. It's just you don't have those visual cues around you in a workplace… For some people, it can be really, really challenging to be productive and to also keep from being isolated when they work from home, or if they choose to work from a coffee shop or wherever. So it was interesting to me, number one, that there was definitely a gap in knowledge and skills. And there is definitely a gap in resources.”

On the entrepreneurial journey: “So you start something with this idea that you're going to solve a problem for people. And you sort of have an idea of how that's going to become a reality. And then when you start talking to people, it changes shape so many times. And I think that's what's so interesting about the entrepreneurial journey is... and the biggest lesson that I've learned in all of my entrepreneurial experiences is that the more you talk to people and the more you share what your ideas are, even if you haven't made any steps towards making them a reality, the more likely you are to actually achieve them. And then also just it's amazing, the different shapes that those ideas take… You should share your ideas, but make sure that you're sharing them with people who can actually give you actionable advice. And so that was why I started seeking out people in the remote world, in that remote advocacy space, because their advice is really beneficial to me and helps me see ideas where I didn't see them before.”

On time management: “I have always wanted a time-budget app. Like I have a to-do list and there are time-tracking apps. Maybe there is something out there that I'm just not aware of. But I really love being able to check, to see how much time is left in the day and then, ‘Oh my gosh. I have to write an article, and that's going to take me 120 minutes.’ To actually gauge how much time I have left, and that way I don't over-schedule myself. So I don't know. I just formed this spreadsheet. And I don't remember exactly the process that I went through to make it. But I have it. I can share it with people. It's just a simple Google Sheet. But it keeps me on track and it really does keep me from over-scheduling things.”