Imagine More Recap with Jodi Daniels


Jodi Daniels

Website: Red Clover Advisors

Twitter handle: @redcloveradvsrs

On Customer Service: “We do it from really looking at the customer, and building a strong, trust based relationship. And, not just the check the box activity to be compliant with the laws. We're really all about making sure yes, you're compliant. But, that your marketing is coming from that sense of trust, and building a really strong relationship with the customer. And then, I like to say if you can do it, it doesn't mean you should. You still have to look at what does the customer expect, so really in any of the remediation that we're doing, or in any of the planning to get a company ready, or compliant. We're always taking it from, what would the customer expect? It's that balance of what does the company need, because we are all are here in business to service. But, ultimately we want our customers to be loyal and happy, and so we bridge those two pieces together by always putting the customer at the center of the conversation.”

On Time Management: “I do look at every day as an opportunity. What I try and do is block it, so that I'm not doing sort of one offs if I can help it… I do try and block and tackle as best as I can, but of course there's sometime those meetings, and it's the only time someone can meet, and it's a really important meeting, or I feel like it will be extremely valuable, and I break my own rules. I think that's a really important piece for any entrepreneur, or really any person, is to understand your own rules and have the flexibility to know when it's important to be able to break them.”

On Networking: “My goal is to meet a handful of a few people that I could foster a relationship with. Because, it's not, it's quality over quantity. If I meet, if there's 100 people there, there's no point in my meeting 100 people because I'm just going to have the name, and I will not have even had a meaningful conversation, and neither of us will even remember anything about each other. It'd be much better to go and meet three or four of them, have a real conversation, foster that connection, and then do some type of a followup. I think the followups really important, because otherwise it's just another business card that sits on your desk.”

On Entrepreneurship: “My first advice would be, be confident in yourself, and know that there are so many amazing people out there who are going to root for you… The most important piece I think is truly what I said at first, which is to just have the confidence, and start building your own little board of advisors, and trusted people who can help you.”