ImagiNation with Tallia Deljou


Tallia Deljou

Co-Founder, Mavenly + Co.

Occupation: Tallia Deljou, Co-Founder @ Mavenly + Co.

Favorite Productivity Tool: Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner

Most Recommended App: Calm or Headspace

Last Thing You Read: You Are A Badass At Making Money

Website: Mavenly + Co.

Twitter handle: @mavenlyco

Instagram handle: @mavenlyco

Tell us about your background coaching entrepreneurs? After getting my master’s degree in positive organizational psychology, I teamed up with Kate Gremillion to start Mavenly + Co. and help women take their careers to the next level. After a few years of career coaching, we realized so many women dreamt about working for themselves but didn’t know where to start, so we shifted our focus to coaching those who want to start a business and create a lifestyle defined by freedom and flexibly, the same way we did for ourselves in our business.

How do you define the entrepreneurial spirit? Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit sees opportunities where others see limited possibilities; they find ways to create solutions to problems bigger than themselves and challenge the way things have been done in the pursuit of making things better.

Can anyone be an entrepreneur? 100% absolutely yes. The problem is that we’ve come to define the word entrepreneur in such a limited sense. For example, when people think of an entrepreneur, they think of someone who starts a bunch of companies, has good business sense, and builds an empire, etc. I define entrepreneur as someone who finds a way to solve a problem and lives life on their own terms. Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking and a way of designing your life. If you desire freedom and flexibility, entrepreneurship is the way to go. Plain and simple.

What are some of the biggest struggles people have when they are starting out on the entrepreneurial journey? The biggest struggles are the limiting beliefs people have around what they are (or aren’t) capable of. So many of us make assumptions, live in fear, and give into self-doubt which keeps us from taking action. Mindset is the name of the game when starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, which is why mindset coaching is a fundamental element of the work we do when helping people start their businesses.

What qualities does a successful entrepreneur have? A successful entrepreneur is first and foremost self-aware; they know their strengths and when to ask for help. A successful entrepreneur also has a strong sense of self-belief; they truly believe that what they want is possible and know they will find a way to figure it out no matter what. Lastly, adaptability. There will always be twists and turns along the way, so you have to be willing to make changes and move your ego aside when things don’t go the way you “planned."

How do entrepreneurs "Imagine More? Reflect, write, journal. As an entrepreneur, you have to give yourself space to dream and dream big. You have to put what is possible down on paper so you can then take steps each and every day to get one step closer to that vision. 

What are some learning experiences you've had while coaching entrepreneurs? One main thing we've learned while coaching entrepreneurs is that we have to start by understanding your relationship to fear and money; we can’t jump into building a business until we have a strong mental and emotional foundation to build upon.

Any pearls of wisdom for wannabe entrepreneurs? You can start getting paid to do what you want to do tomorrowYou don’t have to wait to get all the puzzle pieces in order. You just have to ask for it and let people know what opportunities you want. Turn to your network, let people know how you can add value, and let them bring business your way. Most people stay far too quiet about the work they want to do - in which case, you aren’t helping anyone, especially yourself!