ImagiNation with Morgan Bullard


Morgan Bullard

Influencer / Content Creator

Occupation: Influencer/Content Creator

Favorite Productivity Tool: UNUM

Most Recommended App: Instagram + Lightroom (couldn't do one without the other!)

Last Thing You Read: Learning how to setup e-commerce on my blog


Instagram handle: @morgbullard

Tell us about your journey? I started my blog as a fun outlet from my corporate day job, sharing things I love from outfits to beauty tips to hair tutorials. I started out three years ago, quit my corporate job last year, and am so lucky to wake up and do my 'dream job' every day.

What what's your favorite part of your day?  I have a 10 month-old daughter — I try to wake up at least and hour before she does to start my day and have some 'me' time. That's my favorite part of the day.

When do you feel most successful? When I achieve something I've set as a goal, when I wake up happy to take on a new day and when my family is happy.

What do you do to recharge when you’re feeling drained? Go for a walk by myself, workout, take time to breathe, remind myself it's okay to take a break and start back recharged tomorrow  

What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started as an entrepreneur It's a marathon, not a sprint. In the beginning, I wanted to grow to where I am now overnight. Not saying that can't happen, but the hard work, long hours, and sacrifices I've made along the way have made my journey even sweeter. I see a lot of new bloggers or influencers starting out and they get burned out quickly when they go 0-100 and don't see success as quickly as they wanted — my biggest tip is don't wait to be perfect, because perfect won't ever happen, and remember to have a balance. As entrepreneurs we want to do it all and sometimes that can lead to burnout.

How do you optimize your day? I have a schedule I like to follow every day. One to two days a week I spend working on content, creating, planning, etc., once a week I send out invoices and update spreadsheets, I respond to emails daily (I try to get into my inbox 2-3 times a day) and set aside dedicated time for 'me' to workout, relax or just do whatever I want. If I don't pencil in time for myself, it doesn't happen and that's not good for anyone!

Who is the person/people who allowed you to imagine more?  My husband is my biggest fan and number one supporter. I couldn't do it without him! My mom has been a huge part of this too — she always encouraged me to dream big, never settle and that I could do anything I put my mind to. I hope that I'm the mom to my daughter that my mom was to me.  

What does imagining more mean to you and your story?  Imagining more means never settling and never losing site of the 'big picture.' In the grind of every day life it can get overwhelming at times, but when I step back, it's so amazing to see how far I've come. It also means continuing to grow and evolve - my blog and influence has changed a lot over the years, and I'm always thinking about what my next move is.

If you could do more of one thing every day what would it be? Spend more time with  my family - they're my happiness!