ImagiNation with Emily Armistead

Emily Armistead, Co-Founder, Ebb + Flow Co

Occupation: Ebb + Flow Co believes in capturing your entire story from bookends. Life is told in chapters + these chapters are worth being documented. Our purpose is to create timeless films.  Films that have the power to instantly transport you back to your special occasion. It could be 10 years down the road and the same overwhelming bliss floods back when you watch that big moment again.

We value the unique essence encompassed in every couple’s journey and we crave to authentically distinguish those little things. Our lens captures the tears. Our lens documents the laughter. It catches the left feet, the glass *clings*, the shaky hands + the shaky voices too - these kind of moments deserve to live forever.

Favorite Productivity Tool: We love Google Drive. Barb and I keep a master doc of all of our wedding couples, their venues and personal touches/notes so that we are always on the same page!

Most Recommended App: Having the Google Drive app on our phones is always super helpful when we need to reference a contract or notes on a call with a bride. We also love using Google Calendar and setting reminders of all of our couples 5-year and 1-year anniversaries.

Last Thing You Read: Actually, a book called Hey Whipple, Squeeze This. It’s about advertising in today’s age and how to create a brand for yourself. It was insightful to think of Ebb n Flow and how we can better market our brand to an audience that makes the most sense.


Twitter or Instagram Handle: @ebbnflowco

Tell us about your journey? The first wedding that Barb and I ever documented was for the sister-in-law of our boss, Margot. We really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into - but we both knew that we loved filming and also loved love. I was blown away by that first experience and to this day it was by far one of my favorite weddings. I remember the bride, Rachel, walking down the stairs and her dad seeing her for the first time. It was so intimate and I felt so fortunate that I could be the fly on the wall getting it all on camera for them to witness later. I had to hold back tears that whole night because I felt so connected to their love story and family. After that first wedding it all happening pretty fast. We’d film our co-workers weddings and they’d tell their friends, it was all word of mouth. Barb and I realized that it could be a business.

That was a year ago and now we’ve shot a total of 16 weddings:  12 in Georgia, 1 in California, 2 in Florida and 1 in South Carolina. Looking back, I’m so grateful for that first wedding, without it I never would have realized where my passion of storytelling and my hopeless romantic heart come to a crossroad.

What’s your favorite part of your day? My favorite moments of the wedding day are when I get to capture something unexpected. Those are the most rewarding. It’s usually in the speeches or the vows, but getting to film someone’s raw emotion is something that will never get old to me.

When do you feel most successful? When I know that we have gone above and beyond for a couple and they are blown away with what they’ve gotten. By the end of the process my goal is for the bride and groom to feel more like a friend than a client; relationships are always what comes first for us.

What do you do to recharge when you’re feeling drained? Barb and I are in a unique situation because we both have day-jobs at Imagine Media working on the Creative Team. On the weekends, we film weddings which is also something creative! It’s been a journey of finding the balance and time to create outside of work. For me, it’s important to have a side project that has nothing to do with weddings or social media. That’s what recharges me, a place I can be creative outside of work whether it’s a photoshoot with friends, writing poetry or a paint night with my roommates — I’m in constant need of expression when I feel drained.

What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started as an entrepreneur?There was never going to be a break. That was a big lesson for me — there’s always this feeling that you’ll get a chance to catch up or things will slow down and you can get your feet back on the ground again. You really can’t count on that happening or go into starting a business with that mindset. It’s important to be thinking ahead in a proactive way. When you get into a reactive mindset you are already too far behind.

How do you optimize your day? You’re asking the wrong person for this question because this is always something that I struggle with. It’s important to me to block time out. Especially changing my brain from day time work to the Ebb + Flow business. There needs to be a respected time that I give to just the wedding films and that comes with a lot of discipline. A lot of the time it means all of my Saturday and half of my Sunday.

Who is the person/people who allowed you to imagine more? Oh I love this question so much - it really all does come full circle. My dad has been an entrepreneur his whole life and I’ve seen him dance in and out of business ideas; it made my brain work in the same exact way. I’m always looking for an opportunity to call what I love a job because of it. Another huge influence was really Margot and Shantel - watching them as two women bosses and business owners has really empowered me to do and dream the same. I love how encouraging they are of our side business and, as I mentioned earlier, the story really did start with Margot referring our first wedding!

What does imaging more mean to you and your story? Imagining more means taking a dream and making it become reality. It’s seeing the potential in yourself and an opportunity and making something out of it. For me it meant taking something that I love to do as a hobby and making it into a business that can grow and become so much more than just Barb and me! Now we get to create wedding films for couples every weekend and amplify powerful love stories that can be watched forever.

If you could do more of one thing everyday what would it be? That’s a hard question. Personal touches come to mind. Reaching out to the people that cross my mind - whether that’s a bride, a friend or a coworker. I’d love to voice how much people matter to me more often.