ImagiNation with Charlie Siciak


Charlie Siciak

Occupation: CEO, Goodwipes

Age: 28

Favorite Productivity Tool: Nothing fancy here… Power List - a list of daily actions that, if completed, get me closer to my goals.

Most Recommended App: Instagram… great for biz dev

Last Thing You Read: Through the Eyes of a Lion by Levi Lusko (kind of religious/spiritual so I’ll give you the book before that… How to be a Great Boss by Gino Wickman, and currently reading/listening to Radical Candor by Kim Scott)


Instagram handle: @goodwipes; @charliesiciak

Tell us about your journey. Whew – I’ve always been disciplined and driven by an ethos of hard work.  At an early age, I learned that I eat what I kill, and need to EARN what I want in life. From mowing yards in high school, to running demolition and cleanup projects for my dad in college, to promoting and working throwing the biggest nightlife events in my college town, I’ve always enjoyed building, doing, and creating. It was in college that I came to understand that my relentless work ethic was different than those around me, and I grew very fond of serving others through leadership. As college wrapped up, all of my friends were landing corporate jobs, most with companies that they interned for in previous summers. This was an interesting time for me because I always stayed busy during the summers planning the next year’s parties, and working in construction. With my summer hustle on, I built a habit of staying away from internships. It was the first time I questioned if I was taking the right steps in life. The lack of direction quickly ceased when I made an agreement with a buddy of mine to open up a new market for him with a chain of franchises that he was managing. The franchise was called Complete Nutrition and caught my attention with its mission to Inspire Life Change. Shortly after moving to Jacksonville, FL to help launch the market, I hired Sam Nebel, who later became my business partner. The two us found great success in working with Complete. We were so excited and motivated that we decided we wanted to open our own franchises. We quickly raised money, applied to franchise, and within our first year of being with the company, we were approved to franchise! WE MADE IT…not! Just as we were approved to be franchisees, the company went on a franchise freeze. They had grown so quickly that they weren’t able to keep up with all of the new franchisees; it was time to implement more systems, structure, and support to better fuel the success of the franchises. As a result, Sam and I were brought onto the corporate side for a year to launch new markets and help struggling markets, all while implementing the new systems, structure, and support. We had the chance to work under some AMAZING leadership, where we were taught best practices that we still live by today. As we were wrapping up our tenure working for corporate and gearing up to sign leases for our own units, the leadership team that we loved dearly was forced out due to politics/early franchisees that had majority unit ownership. Things didn’t feel right anymore and Sam and I backed out of our franchise agreement.

Square one? So there we were, two years out of college with a little bit of money saved up, no jobs, and, yet, still, HIGHLY motivated… what’s next?

Well, we played strong in nightlife/the entertainment industry, but didn’t want to live the lifestyle that came with it. We had a passion of serving others through health and fitness, but had a non-compete with Complete Nutrition. And then, suddenly, it was right there in front of us. There was this silly habit that Sam and I had in common… BUTT WIPES!

When we were living in the same fraternity house at FSU, we quickly bonded over a hygiene habit that neither one of us had kicked since birth… we were both wiping our butts with baby wipes! All the guys in the house thought we were crazy, but after a 30-day crusade, we had all 50 guys in the house wiping with, buying, and stealing each other’s baby wipes. We were always known as the wipe guys and loved that we were were were changing people’s hygiene routines and influencing consumer behavior. We continued to hear from our peers that they would never go back to dry scratchy toilet paper, and, at the same time, saw that there was A LOT of white space in the market. 1) There wasn’t a brand that spoke to adults - everything was for babies, and 2) the packing solutions didn’t support our busy and active lifestyles. There wasn’t a convenient way to stay fresh on the go!

Now that we had some experience in brand building and merchandising from Compete Nutrition, we decided to take our love of wipes to market, and thus, Goodwipes was born!

Goodwipes is a progressive, and eco-friendly take on disposable wipes, supporting the the on-the-go lifestyles of today’s busy and active consumers! We do what we do for one simple reason… to inspire others to Do More, Feel Good, and Live Clean! Life is about experiences, and, if you ask us, the more the merrier! :) We’re bullish on BRAND & believe that creative is the variable. While we initially launched with butt wipes for guys, we quickly expanded to include products for everyone, spanning from butt wipes to feminine care to our innovative Body Wipe for when you can’t shower!  We currently focus on sleepy categories that are ripe for disruption. Although we're making strides within these categories, we have A LOT of work ahead of us, and even more people to serve.

Today you can find us on Amazon, at Walmart, The Container Store, Academy Sports, Airports nation-wide, and soon, Fresh Market!

Goodwipes is building a brand world that puts the consumer first. We are breaking through previously taboo hygiene topics and building a culture and a community around what was once considered an ‘embarrassing’ commodity. Our energy, authenticity & cheekiness allow us to delight our consumers at every touch-point (every nook and cranny) throughout their brand experience, all while having fun and doing GOOD!

What's your favorite part of your day? I really enjoy the first hour of my day. In the morning there are less distractions. This is where I set the tone and get my head right for the day. NOTE: Just because this is my favorite part of the day, doesn’t mean it’s the easiest.

When do you feel most successful? This is difficult for me to answer because I believe success if a moving target. Having said that, I do feel blessed and accomplished. I feel most accomplished when I WIN THE DAY and stay authentic to who I am.

What do you do to recharge when you’re feeling drained? Ha – this question has the potential to be SUPER loaded, but I’ll just touch the surface. When I feel drained and I know I need to step away, I first take notes/make a checklist of my challenges, stressors, things I need to do, and the things that I know are draining me. I find that just getting everything out of my head and on paper is very relieving. I follow this with comfort food (preferably Indian or Thai), SLEEP, and an early morning to attack the items that were making me feel drained.

What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started as an entrepreneur? We tend to overestimate what we can do in a year, and underestimate what we can accomplish in 5. Therefore, we must TRUST THE SOUP. It’s all about the daily tasks. Results are a by-product of the process. When we master the process, we master the results!

How do you optimize your day? I LOVE the idea of time-blocking. However, I find it very hard to do. For me, it’s all about having my daily list of tasks that, if complete, ensure I win the day. I need to have daily wins to help build momentum.

Who is the person/people who allowed you to imagine more? I’d have to thank my parents here. They always encouraged me to do what I want and instilled a high sense of confidence at an early age. In order to imagine more, you must first have the confidence and personal belief that you can actually do it!

What does imagining more mean to you and your story? For me, imagining is all about the JOURNEY, the fight, and the hustle. This is all we are promised. Not an end result. I imagine myself being a mentor to many, being a source of empathy and inspiration for those who have high ambitions but may feel lost. Again, I love leading and serving others.

If you could do more of one thing every day what would it be? Generally speaking…Make friends. I’m obsessed with positive interactions between people that don’t know each other. We tend to underestimate our wake…I think sharing our undivided attention with others is more impactful than we can imagine and important to make a point to do. If we are just referring to biz, it would be to say no more often.

Favorite social media platform? Instagram…huge fan of stories and reaching out through DMs.