ImagiNation with Carrie Morey


Carrie Morey

Occupation: Owner, Callie's Biscuits and Callie's Hot Little Biscuit Eateries

Favorite Productivity Tool: Iphone

Most Recommended App: Life 360

Last Thing You Read: The Week


Instagram handle: @calliesbiscuits, @callieshotlittlebiscuit

Tell us about your journey? Callie’s became a business because my mom, Callie, has always made the most incredible biscuits. After I had my first daughter, I had an ah-ha moment while watching her make my mom’s recipe. I knew we needed to share them with the world because they were too delicious just to keep within the family. I have wanted to be a mom all my life, so I knew I needed to center my career and business around family. After 14 years with an online, wholesale and three grab-and-go concepts (with a fourth location coming), Callie's Biscuits and Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit eateries, we still make every biscuit by hand. 

What your favorite part of your day? Morning, after I've exercised and mingling with my kiddos before they go to school. Also, riding bikes with them to school.

When do you feel most successful? I feel most successful when I have solved a problem at work or at home with my family. 

What do you do to recharge when you’re feeling drained? Sleep, eat, exercise, vacation, spend time with family

What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started as an entrepreneur? The problems never end, they actually become more complicated and you have to love solving problems to be an entrepreneur.

How do you optimize your day? Early morning rise for exercise, coffee with bike rides to school with my kiddos, morning meetings with staff out of office with lots of to do lists, visiting my HLB eateries, computer work and bakery work at my office, home to pick up my kiddos and take them to sports, cook dinner, early to bed, REPEAT!

Who is the person/people who allowed you to imagine more? My staff/team... When they take on more work I am able to think about where else we can go!

What does imagining more mean to you and your story? It means sacrifice, so I have to make sure this is really what I want to do AND am I qualified to do it on my own, or should I have help and who should that help be--but it is definitely what I want!

If you could do more of one thing every day what would it be? Spend more time with my family... life is short and my girls have grown up so fast, and I feel like there is never enough time to spend with them....