The Importance of Goal Setting

Here at Imagine, we're big fans of goal setting. We do it all the time! We have company and personal yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals! It seems like a lot, but writing them down and sharing with each other makes the goals so much more attainable than if we just had them rattling around in our brains! 

A goal can be anything you're planning to do in the future, but we're huge fans of SMART goals. That stands for specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic, and timely. For example: By the end of June our blog will reach 5 million unique viewers per month to keep up with our social media campaign. It's important to note, however, that even deciding on Monday to finish folding up your laundry by the weekend is a goal!

Here are a few reasons why goal setting is so important, and why we set so many for ourselves:

1. Goals are motivating. Something about writing a goal down on paper is just so motivating for us. Sure, you can plan to take 500 pictures every week, but if you write it down somewhere that you see every day, you're more likely to get it done and gross that goal off your list.

2. Goals give you focus. Imagine trying to drive to work but not having a set destination in mind. That's pretty much what trying to go through life without goals is! Goals allow you to focus in on the drive and reach the destination easily.

3. Goals allow you to track progress. Maybe by the end of June your blog is only reaching 15,000 unique viewers instead of the 5 million you had set as your goal. This tells you that whatever you're doing to promote your blog isn't working! By tracking your progress through a goal you are able to reassess the situation and try something else to get to where you want to be.

4. Goals show you what you really want. If you walk through life with vague measures of success or accomplishments, how will you know what you truly want to feel content with everything? By constantly reassessing our goals and checking in with each other, we are able to fine tune them in the direction that will give us what we really want out of life.

We love goal setting, and would love to know some of the goals you're working toward! Be sure to shoot us a Tweet! (P.S. We love our LifePlanners - they make setting goals so easy!)

Story by: Imagine Media Consulting