Email Marketing For New Businesses

Are you questioning if your email marketing efforts are worth it? Well, it's time to stop wondering, according to a recent study, 20% of your company's revenue can be accredited to your e-blasts. 

Now, before you march down to your boss' office, it's important to note that simply hitting send on a basic email to your list of subscribers isn't going to cut it. According to the same study, it was found that marketers using "deep personalization" can drive as much as 17% more revenue from email programs than without it. To break it down, personalizing your mass emails increase customer conversion rates by 6% and drives up order value by 5%. 

You can ensure that your emails are falling into the "deep personalization" category by including dynamic content. Dynamic content allows you to send one campaign that is optimized and targeted to every single user by leveraging subscriber data and behavior. Some examples of dynamic content include purchasing behavior, subscriber behavior, gender, age, geolocation and more.

According to a survey by Harris Poll and Listrak Survey, 82% of consumers admitted they would buy more items via emails that had better personalization. So increase your sales and stand out among your industry by going above and beyond the average email template. 
Some of the most common dynamic email tools can be found HERE.

Story by: Imagine Media Consulting