Advice from the Imagine More Entrepreneurs


As an aspiring entrepreneur, it is important to surround yourself with experienced entrepreneurs. These people have gone through successes and failures that you can learn from. Here’s some of our favorite advice passed down from the entrepreneurs of Imagine More:

Joe Koufman, Episode 1 | “Well, I've had a lot of conversations about asking for permission versus begging forgiveness. I've always been a just do it and then beg for forgiveness later if it was wrong. I like that. I would teach my kids that it's better for them to try something. There's a quote that I absolutely love by Theodore Roosevelt. The actual quote is long, but the short part of it is, "dare mighty things". It's called the Man in the Arena is the name of the full speech or quote. But, it talks about better to have challenged and tried and actually been the man in the arena than be the critic on the outside that can hurl bombs and insults. It's the concept of ... The thing I love about entrepreneurship is, it's easy to talk about business and talk about somebody running a business. But, unless you're actually doing it, the critic doesn't matter.”

Jennifer Jacob, Episode 2 | “It's a Zig Ziglar quote on persistence and it's basically that there's nothing more important in the world than persistence. Talent and skill and knowledge all of that is superseded by persistence because if you just keep going and you're resilient in what you want to do and what your vision is, then you can achieve anything. So that whole premise actually has stuck with me and I recently released a journal on failure because of it. For some reason that quote has really impacted my life and how I approach all business.”

Maria Granados, Episode 3 | “A while ago I learned from a mentor of mine ... He's a big mentor for both my husband, and I, and he obviously borrowed this from somebody else he's heard, and that's how that good stuff gets passed, but it's treat people how they want to be treated. Often we hear the golden rule, treat people the way you want to be treated, and that's good, that's fine, but we call it the platinum rule of treating people how they want to be treated. I feel like that has fundamentally changed all of my relationships in my life with people, because it's not about what I want, or what I think I want. It really helps me think of other people when I meet them, or when I'm working with them in different capacities.”

Adam Walker, Episode 4 | “I think every entrepreneur or really anybody in any kind of leadership at all needs coaching and needs a mentor, either one or both. I've also joined EO or EO Accelerator, that you're a part of as well, and that's been hugely helpful to really push me and push my thinking. As a matter of fact I've got a meeting today and as a part of that meeting we have to go over, "Okay where are we at with our quarterly goals and have you met those goals?" And "Where are you at on your sales?". And I've got a revenue number that I'm targeting and they're all gonna ask me, "Where are you at? Are you on track? Are you not on track? If you're not on track what are you gonna do about it?" Have that accountability is critical.”