5 Things Every CEO Should Focus on Daily


CEO’s wear many hats. Every day is different. There are many moving parts that pertain to growing a business, and a lot of factors can be overlooked. Here are 5 things every CEO should be mindful of on a daily basis:

  1. Stay Curious | First and foremost, stay curious! At this point in your career, you do not have the opportunity to take interesting college courses. With that being said, it doesn’t mean you should stop learning, especially when you are leading a business. Find an insightful podcast to listen to on your commute, or set time aside to watch a TED Talk every week. Luckily, in this day and age, there are many outlets to discover new information that previous generations did not have access to. Take advantage of these resources to cultivate curiosity.

  2. Forecast the Vision | Being a top executive, a crucial part of your role is to forecast the future, and not just the near future. Think of possible external factors that could influence your business 10 years from now. Technology is a particularly important industry to pay attention to. Think about the automotive industry… The big players like GM and Ford need to be thinking about how continuing technological developments regarding electric vehicles will impact their business in the future. Companies like Tesla and BYD should be on their radar.

  3. Strategize | Once you have taken the proper steps to forecast the future, it is important to build out a strategy from those findings. As the CEO, it is your job to create, collaborate, and implement the strategy. Be sure to monitor whether your company is following the business strategy on a daily basis. In addition to monitoring the strategy, it is important to course correct along the way.

  4. Key Relationships | We can’t stress enough how important building relationships are. As a CEO it is important to spend time maintaining important relationships every day. As much as it is about “what you know,” “who you know” is very important as well.

  5. Be Conscious of Capital | Last but not least, be conscious of capital. Cash is one of the fundamental assets that keep a business running. This sounds obvious, but often times it can be overlooked. Even if you are not directly in charge of finances, it is still important to have a daily idea of where your business stands.

There is no question that there is an abundance of other things a CEO needs to pay particular attention to, but these five areas are a good place to start!

Story By: Kasey Kiser