5 Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs

social media tips pic

Social media is a powerful asset to include in your business strategy, but if you're new to the social landscape, no problem. Here we've outlined a few tips to help you get started.

1. Define and Outline the Specifics of Your Brand

A consistent voice and image on social media help establish and further your business narrative cohesively. That means determining who you’re talking to, what action you want to them to take and how. What voice aligns with your business and your audience? Think of the values you want to highlight and set goals for progress.

2. Track Progress

Setting goals is the first step, just as you set growth goals for your business. As you move forward week by week, make sure you look at the numbers to see how your strategies are progressing. Many platforms have analytics that tell you how your posts are performing — from reach to engagement. They also give you audience insights so you know who’s following you, when the best time to post is and how you can refine your strategy to make the best impression. As you track your progress, you’ll know where you need to refine and improve to reach your incremental goals.

3. Plan, Plan, Plan

Every entrepreneur knows how vital planning is. When it comes to social, content calendars are your best friend. Map out your yearly content calendar as far in advance you can: Mark holidays and anniversaries in each month that you want to capitalize on, decide social promotions you may want to include throughout the year, and start penciling those into your calendar. Decide what kind of posts you want to share regularly — articles, photos, GIFs, videos — and when. After you get started, as you analyze your post metrics week by week, you’ll know better which posts are more successful and when so that you can re-strategize appropriately. Be sure to keep abreast of social trends too — they’re ever-changing and they’ll affect the way you plan and strategize along the way.

4. Foster community

People can smell ingenuity from a mile away, especially if it’s on social media. We know you want to see your business thrive while offering a product or service that improves people’s lives in some way. Great! Now remember that when you’re crafting your social media messages and when you’re engaging with your audience on your platforms. Build trust and relationships with your audience just like you would with customers face-to-face. Answer their questions courteously and in a timely manner — even when you encounter the trolls. This step is crucial to establishing a loyal online audience that will further your story and vouch for your business. Plus, what would social media be without the “social” part, right?

5. Utilize paid content

Quality organic content is king, but paid content can further your reach more specifically by allowing you to pick the audience and piece of content you wish to promote. Facebook, for example, lets you boost a certain post, which keeps the appearance of organic content but functions as an ad. This is a great starting point for advertising your product or service on social media, extending reach, pushing for more engagement and more. Want to take steps to be a leader in your industry? Sponsored content on LinkedIn is the equivalent to Facebook boosted posts and is definitely an option you may want to try to further your professional reach and expertise too.

Story by: Kris Martins