3 Productivity Planners That Work

Do you have a million to-do lists that seem impossible to keep up with? Organizing your daily tasks and goals in an effective way is not easy, especially for entrepreneurs. Luckily, the guests of Imagine More have shared some awesome tools they use that help them stay productive and organized. Check them out below!


The Official LifePlanner | Curated by one of our Imagine More guests, Maria Granados, the LifePlanner is an awesome tool that we use here at Imagine Media. This planner allows you to easily braindump ideas at the beginning of the week and keep your tasks organized. 

“Running a business and your life is a constant balancing act and quite frankly it’s tough. I’m a huge advocate of goal setting, making physical to-do lists and organizing your thoughts on paper… that said, before I got my hands on a Life Planner that meant I had to carry around a moleskin notebook, my agenda and a separate tool to track goals. It was a mess. After using and mapping out my week with the Life Planner I already feel more organized, more focused and working towards a thoughtful purpose. I would recommend it to anyone!” 
- Shantel Khleif, CEO + Co-Founder of Imagine Media Consulting & Host of Imagine More

Productivity Planner | The Productivity Planner is an awesome tool that helps you focus on what’s important, not busy work. Often times we find ourselves completing a bunch of little tasks throughout the day that doesn't actually move the needle toward reaching our goals. This planner helps eliminate distractions with weekly planning & reflection. 

Five Minute Journal | This is a simple little book that helps you kickstart your day with a positive attitude. The journal is divided into two sections, a morning routine & a night routine. After waking up, you set aside a few minutes to answer questions that motivate you to begin your day on a promising note. At night, you reflect on the good things that happened throughout your day and recognize areas where you could improve. All in all, this is a great tool to help focus on the positive, be mindful, and live your life with intention. 

What’s your favorite planner that helps you stay productive? Let us know in the comments below!

Story By: Kasey Kiser