ImagiNation with Jesse Grossman


Jesse Grossman

CEO of 1H Recruiting and Founder of Community Bucket

Occupation: CEO of 1H Recruiting and Founder of Community Bucket

Favorite Productivity Tool: Workflowy

Most Recommended App: Don’t have one

Last Thing You Read: The Wisdom of Wolves


Instagram handle: @communitybucket

Tell us about your journey? I decided at a young age I wanted to be my own boss and be an entrepreneur. After launching my career in marketing, I pursued an idea to start a nonprofit in 2012, which grew into what is today Community Bucket. While working in the social good space, I would simultaneously look for marketing and consulting opportunities to help make it work financially. In 2014, I decided to launch another company in the recruiting industry with a bent towards disrupting how companies approach hiring. Today, 1H Recruiting has grown to 8 people and has given me an interesting challenge to complement my dual interest in the nonprofit sector. Where the journey goes from here is still unknown.

What what's your favorite part of your day? I love the early part of the morning when I have some time to gear up for the day and be as present as possible. Making breakfast, walking my dog, catching up on emails, reading up on some news - it tends to be the most relaxing and enjoyable part of the day. I have a practice of giving thanks every morning (or almost every morning) as soon as I wake up. It helps me acknowledge how lucky I am for everything that was given to me, and for how I’ve utilized those gifts to pursue the life I dream to live.

When do you feel most successful? It’s usually in the small moments when I know someone has benefitted in some way from what I’m doing. That tends to be the most gratifying and motivating part. It could be when a client is extra appreciative of our work, when a team member feels extra satisfied with his or her work, or when a volunteer at our nonprofit offers a nice word of praise about an event. Both of my ventures are people-centric, so I definitely measure success on that people-level.

What do you do to recharge when you’re feeling drained? I try to go hiking in the mountains any chance I get. Whether a short one or a full day hike, getting outside and away from the computer or phone gives me a chance to reflect and recharge. That said, I really make an effort to avoid that “drained” feeling, because that saps the fun out of life.

What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started as an entrepreneur? To approach everything with a project mindset. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by every aspect of starting a business. Breaking it down into a series of projects - with defined starts, ends, and goals - makes it a lot more manageable and easier to grow. It also means that it’s not an all or nothing pursuit - if a “project” fails, figure out why and move forward. I’ve found this subtle shift in mindset is important to stay sane as an entrepreneur.

How do you optimize your day? I’m not an overly structured person by nature, so every day tends to be a little bit different for me. I do try to work in stints with some breaks built into the day, rather than try to muscle straight through a long and grueling work day. I am more creative and productive in shorter bursts, so I try to account for this as I optimize my own productivity. But, that’s not always possible, unfortunately!

Who is the person/people who allowed you to imagine more? Early on in life, my parents were definitely responsible for letting me dream and allowing my imagination to run wild. This probably set in motion my early childhood imagination that over time, became more of a “what if?” outlook on life, and has helped me chart my own course in my career. Personally, I also wish to imagine even more, because it’s too easy to be stifled in the world today. This is something I would like to practice and never let die because I do think imagination is sometimes stigmatized as we grow up. It’s easy to lose it if you’re not careful.

What does imagining more mean to you and your story? Well, I have always had a pretty active imagination, and I think that has contributed to my desire to think and bring good ideas to life. I think a big part of entrepreneurship is dreaming big and going after those bigger vision dreams. I once heard a quote that stuck with me, from the late Shimon Peres. He said “as long your dreams outnumber your accomplishments, you are always young at heart.” I try to keep this as part of my story, knowing that regardless of what I achieve in life, the power to keep dreaming even bigger is uniquely human and incredibly important.  

If you could do more of one thing every day what would it be? There could always be more time to read great books. I try to make a habit of reading frequently, but it would be nice to have a little more reading time without giving up other things I enjoy or prioritize.