ImagiNation with Elizabeth Allen


Elizabeth Allen

Customer Success Manager, UserIQ

Occupation: Customer Success Manager, UserIQ

Favorite Productivity Tool: Wunderlist 

Most Recommended App: Co–Star

Last Thing You Read: No Time to Spare by Ursula K. Le Guin 


Instagram handle: @elizabethallenofficial

Tell us about your journey? I've always been fascinated by branding, fashion, and the fashion industry—which is what I studied in college. Shortly after graduating I got my dream job working with TOMS Shoes and stayed in that role for 7 years! While living in Atlanta I got to regularly travel throughout the Southeast, to California, and occasionally to some far-off destinations like South Africa and Peru to visit partners. I made some incredible friends during my time at TOMS and with some colleagues, turned a concept that started as a joke into an app that launched in the IOS App Store in 2013. With major shifts in the way retail operates, I had to rethink what my next move would be. Considering I wanted to stay in Atlanta, I decided to move into technology. Six months of unemployment allowed me to learn about Atlanta's tech scene. During this time I went to as many classes, Meetups, and coffee dates as I could. I probably interviewed (formally and informally) with more than 50 people during this time. I got really good at interviewing. Eventually, after some consulting work with the software startup, UserIQ, I was offered a role on the customer success team. That's when the real work started: learning the ins and outs of a software, learning to troubleshoot and navigate customer relationships; I learn something new every single day. I'm so glad I made the industry transition because I feel like it's opened up a whole new world of possibility and in some ways, I've become a student again because I've had to invest time in getting up to speed. Outside of that, I have a growing styling business where I take on clients and help them achieve their wardrobe goals. I love helping other people feel like a badass because they realize they can wear that thing they didn't think they could pull off. 

What's your favorite part of your day? I've become a morning person, so I enjoy early morning when I have time to reflect and write. I'm also a huge fan of breakfast.  

When do you feel most successful? When I've accomplished the goals I've set for myself and I take the time to reflect on it and realize how far I've come. I have a habit of doing things and moving on to the next without taking a beat —so I'm trying to break that cycle.  

What do you do to recharge when you’re feeling drained? Turn off my phone. Yoga. Get out in nature. And in the more literal sense: I'm very protective of my sleep. I get 8 hrs most nights and ideally 9 on the weekends. 

What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started as an entrepreneur? You have to get over the areas where you are less knowledgeable or not your "area of expertise". If your name is on something, you have to take the time to learn about the things you don't understand instead of outsourcing the responsibility to someone else.  

How do you optimize your day? I try to live by the worst-things-first rule. I'm an early riser, so I like starting work early when there's little distraction. 

Who is the person/people who allowed you to imagine more? My partner, Adam. He gave me so many pep talks during my career transition and continues to today. I also have an incredible circle of friends who are a constant source of inspiration, encouragement and humor. 

What does imagining more mean to you and your story? Don't be afraid to flip the script on your own path 

If you could do more of one thing every day what would it be? Walk! I walk a few miles every day, but I'd like to incorporate more walking into my day. Walking meetings?