Making the Most of Onboarding Teammates

Change and transition occur at every company. Other opportunities will arise for teammates at some point in their career and that leaves you with turnover and starting the hiring process. The hiring process itself isn’t something I’m very knowledgeable in, but there are certain things that occurred after getting hired as an intern that truly helped me transition into being a team member at Imagine Media.

It’s more than likely that your new hires are more excited to start than you are to have them on the team. It’s normal for your new teammates to be eager and excited. In the time leading up to their official start date, it’s important that you reciprocate the excitement that they feel. You should also take the time in between hiring them and their start date to get to know your newest teammate.

Something that Imagine Media did that I loved was sent out a questionnaire! I was thrilled to be a new member of the team, and knowing that they were just as excited about getting to know me was reassuring. The questionnaire addressed topics like my goals for my time here, things I wanted to learn, what I was most excited about, how the team could assist me in learning, how I like to give and receive feedback and even strengths and weaknesses. All of the paperwork I completed before starting at Imagine Media allowed the team to learn a little bit about me, best practices for assisting in my learning process, and strategize how to make this the best possible internship for me. It had almost felt like we’d already met each other on the first day because we were one step ahead in getting to know each other.

The team at Imagine Media also had me complete a DISC survey to discover what motivates me to get stuff done and how I prefer to get things done. I thought this was super interesting to complete because it shows that the team is interested in learning how you function best and what motivates you. In addition to those two surveys, I also added some fun information about myself to a team document. This truly made me feel like I was apart of the team and allowed me to learn a little bit about my new teammates before starting.

Overall, I was super pleased with my onboarding process. Imagine Media has done a great job of making the most of the time between hiring and starting to ensure that they learn about their new teammates. If you are curious about how to improve your onboarding experience, look no further. You can learn a lot by reading blogs just like these!

Story By: Anna Kate Newall