Instagram Story Hacks Everyone Should Know


With all of the constant updates on different social media platforms, it can be hard to keep up. Serving as the third most active social media app, Instagram is regularly adding new features that can be difficult to navigate, and ineffective if used improperly. Here's an all-access guide for some quick, interactive, and creative ideas for promoting your brand engagement with your Instagram stories:

Get Creative with GIFs & Music

Do you pronounce it "gif" or "jiff"?  Regardless, using GIFs (animated images) to your story adds a fun and unique edge to your content. On one of our partners' accounts that sells sunglasses for youngsters, we like to insert colorful sunglasses GIFs to catch viewers' eyes. There are also fun stamps you can incorporate like confetti, fun hats, and popular sayings. Something new on Instagram that you can use to quite literally amp up your brand, is the music feature. You can now share and showcase songs on your story for some on-brand background music. Have fun and get creative with what works best!

Better Engage with Interactive Features

There are a few new interactive features that you can leverage to better engage your followers such as polls, questions, and the sliding scale. Want to know what your customers prefer? Host a poll on whether they like this product or that product more. You can use the questions feature to create a Q&A so you can answer some questions on your story. The sliding scale is great for promoting interactiveness, because people love to slide the scale no matter what it is! Customize the scale icon with an emoji that suits your brand and you're good to go! These features can take your stories to the next level real quick!

Utilize Fonts & Free Hand Writing

Instagram has added a few different fonts over time, so now there is ample opportunity to find one that fits your brand style. We love to use the pretty, cursive font when captioning stories for our jewelry partners, or the "strong", blocky font for our food and beverage partners. Once you play around with the different styles, you can start to get creative with layering, colors, and sizes to make your story different and unique. Don't be afraid to hand-write on the image either! Drawing and free handing text can add a much more personal touch to your content. 

Split it Up

To avoid crowding text and other features onto your story, something we find helpful is splitting up the story into a few different slides, so that it's easier for the viewer to read and see everything. One idea is to use the same photo twice, but add different text to each one, so that once one story is posted, to see the rest all they have to do is click next. For example, on the first story you might write, "Stay tuned for..." and then the next slide write, "a (product) giveaway!", so that there is an element of suspense to click to the next story.

There are dozens of ways to tap into your creative side and utilize these new, interactive, and fun features to enhance your stories and promote your brand. Have fun creating! 

Story By: Krista Smith