Questions to Consider When You are a Leader


Every organization, small and large, has people who serve as leaders to the rest of the group. Although you may think that all of these are natural born leaders, there are many people who just slip into the position. When looking for leaders there are many characteristics to consider, but those in leadership positions must also look from within. Here are some of those questions to consider:

How do you deal with stress?

Every person experiences stress regardless of your phase of life and role. Those in leadership positions tend to have a good grip on dealing with stress. They don’t get easily overwhelmed, know how to delegate tasks and ask for help, and can prioritize projects to reduce stress.

How do you deal with conflict?

A true leader must be a master when dealing with conflict. No one loves dealing with it, but everyone encounters conflict. Leaders don’t shy away from conflict and never are aggressive when dealing with it, but are level-headed and can approach the situation head-on.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

In order to lead well, you have to be aware of what you are good at and where there is room for improvement. By being cognizant of your weaknesses others can help you get better at turning those into strengths, but also can help out in areas where you don’t do as well.

Other than your title, why should people want to be led by you?

Not all leaders are positive mentors for others. When you determine you want to be a leader or assume that role, you have to consider how things would be if the tables were turned. Think about those that you consider a leader in your workplace, friend group, and home life, you admire them because of certain characteristics. You have to consider the admirable characteristics of leaders you follow in order to be a leader worth following.

Are you passionate about where you hold leadership?

Passion spreads like the plague - it’s received well by those around you. If you are passionate about your work, that will catch on with others. People want to be inspired by those they consider to be a leader. If you can portray your passion as a leader, others will be positively influenced by you.  

Story By: Anna Kate Newall