Inspiration to Get You Through the Work Week


Whether it's your usual 9:00-5:00, or a fast-paced, on-your-feet kind of day, getting through the work week (even with gallons of coffee) can be tiresome and difficult. At Imagine Media, attitude is everything, and we find that our most productive days are ones filled with inspiration, which leads to an overall positive work environment and our best results. Here are some simple weekly "inspo" ideas to help boost your attitude when approaching the long week ahead:

Mood Boards

A mood board is a great side hustle that gets your creative juices flowing while also setting up your headspace for a good month/week/year (you decide!). By piecing together different photos, quotes, colors, and words, you can customize your board to express your wants and desires for the upcoming month as well as any goals (personal or work-related). It's great to look at before you go to sleep, and/or when you wake up each day to remind yourself what you're working toward.

Word/Quote of the Week

Each week at Imagine Media Consulting, we select a word of the week as well as a quote that aligns with our goals and aspirations for the upcoming days. For example, this week my word is "intention" and my quote is, "Live less out of habit and more out of intent", which allows me to cast the vision for my week as being more intentional with my work and routine. Getting in the habit of doing this each Monday leads to a more focused week, as well as a holistic mindset when it comes to your workload approach.

Sticky Note Goals

Another process we have adopted here at Imagine is tangible goal tracking. We love using sticky notes as a team to track how far along we are with quarterly and weekly goals and to celebrate that progress. A more individualized system to stay on track is posting sticky notes onto your laptop or desk as a constant motivational source to try and reach those goals. When you see something consistently, it becomes less of a reminder and more of an every-day habit.  

Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is a new journaling trend that helps integrate organization and creativity into your daily routine. A completely customizable journal, it can be set it up hundreds of ways to track your workload, schedules, health, diet, and hobbies all in one comprehensive book. It's a fun and holistic way to approach your life organization needs, as well as serving as a personalized source of inspiration.

Story By: Krista Smith