How to Effectively Use Live Video

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"Going live" is a new feature that's beginning to emerge across many social media platforms. Because these streams are accessible to anyone on the given platform, it has the potential to spread major awareness for your brand! However, there is an ideal way to do live videos, so check out these 5 helpful content ideas that will help you utilize live streaming the best way you can:

1. Host a Q & A

Hosting a question-and-answer session in real time is a perfect way to give your audience a more in-depth look at your brand and your company culture. Maybe it's even with a local celebrity or a distinguished teammate at your company. Viewers will be so eager for you to answer their questions they won't want to log off!

2. Stream a "Behind the Scenes"

Whenever we have a photo shoot or video shoot for one of our partners, followers always love and engage positively with behind the scenes content. Users enjoy seeing the "secret" side of operations and the details that no one else gets to regularly view on their page. 

3. Give a Live Tour

Give a live tour of your office! This goes along with the "behind the scenes" type of idea mentioned in number 2. Show your audience your office culture and the personality behind your brand with a live takeover tour of where the magic happens!

4. Announce a New Product/ Giveaway

 You can build up the anticipation for followers the week leading up to the big reveal by posting hints and teasers about the new product or giveaway you will be announcing. Followers will be excited to learn what the new product is and may even tell their friends and family to tune in. It's a great way to kill two birds with one stone by personalizing your product with an in-depth look at each feature in real time.

5. Give a Tutorial

Maybe your product requires a certain demo or instructions for use. Live streaming a "how-to" video is perfect to engage viewers in learning more about the use of your product as well as fostering the opportunity to put some personality into the video. Once viewers see how easy it is to use your product, they will be jumping onto your site in no time.

6. Live Stream a Company Event

Is your brand hosting any events anytime soon? If yes, this may be the perfect opportunity to try out a live video. Festivities and events are fun and lively, and users enjoy watching the many elements that go into a big event. Events that would be great for this would be anything from a company anniversary party to a product launch event or company culture event. It helps give the audience a closer look at your company culture!

There are dozens of options and opportunities for creating live streams on social media, but these 5 have been seen to be both effective and simple to generate. The more creative and fun your stream is, the more engagement you are likely to see! We hope these ideas are helpful in boosting your brand awareness and impressions overall. 

Story By: Krista Smith