5 Tips for Increasing Productivity

Increasing productivity is a task everyone could probably use a little help in. We go to bed at night wishing there were more hours in the day, days in the week, and months in the year to get everything crossed off of our to-do lists. Since we can’t add hours to the day, we have to find a way to make the most of our day to accomplish everything. The list below is compilation of tips I’ve figured out and ones that I’ve learned from others.

Try to avoid checking social media right when you wake up

This isn’t easy! Although it is tempting, it’s best not to check Instagram and Facebook right when you wake up. We all know how easy it is to get sucked into scrolling and eventually you get into a deep, dark hole of Insta-stalking. Save your stalking for later and increase your productivity immediately!

Get up and get ready!

This is an easy one for all of the professionals reading along, but as a college student getting ready isn’t always at the top of my priority list. Getting ready and dressed immediately puts me in the mindset to get stuff done. Even when I’m just running errands, getting in workout clothes and putting on sneakers first thing in the morning gets me going a little faster.

Make to-do lists

This might seem obvious, but the non-obvious part is that you should write everything down on it. Don’t just write the big stuff or the most important, include the small stuff too like take a shower, workout, etc. Doing this allows you to make time for everything you need to do (hello, time management!).

Set aside a designated time to get your steps in

I’ve realized while interning that it’s super easy to forget to walk around some during the day. Exercise and physical activity keep you alert and focused, allowing your brain to take a break and come back refocused, and keep your energy high.

Prioritize dealing with your inbox

Whichever inbox it might be  -- email or texts. It’s important to stop yourself from getting sucked in. You do not have to respond to every email immediately (set a standard to reply within 24 hours if you haven’t). When you deal with reading and responding to emails, seek out the ones that are the most important or require your input- this will help you avoid spending hours reading emails.

Story By: Anna Kate Newall