ImagiNation with Tito Chapman

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Tito Chapman

Founder + CEO, SKN PULSE

Occupation: Founder & CEO, SKN PULSE

Favorite Productivity Tool: Desygner

Most Recommended App: Adobe Spark

Last Thing You Read: Catch a Fire by Timothy White 

Instagram handle@irepsknpulse

Tell us about your journey? Being an entrepreneur is in my DNA; from a child growing up I was charged with the responsibility of cashing in both my parents supermarkets. It is that experience which allowed me to explore owning my own business. Being an avid writer, opening an Online News Portal was one of my dreams. Thus, after resigning the post of Computer Teacher after teaching for 5 years my dream began to take shape. 

With no absolute plan of the portal's content, I drafted a structure for my website and the layout as I envisioned. Subsequently, I leaned on the advice of a friend who had already built a website and sought which platform he used. Wix was the popular thing at the time. Without hesitation, I built the site in a matter of two/three weeks once I gave myself ample time to figure out the drag and drop mechanisms of Wix. 

Once completed the site was launched and tested, but soon realised that the loading time was slow, the site was sticking and my site was very big. I was forced back to the drawing board. I Took about 2-3 months to understand WordPress and how it operates. Utilized it for 10 months while familiarizing myself with Self-Hosted sites so as to be my own site developer. During that time, I was able to build a following, establish a social media platform and expand my services to include constructing websites, managing social media pages, offering consultancy services, designing banners and creating content. 

In 2016, I launched my own Self-Hosted site, gained a few clients and presently I am expanding. So while the road was bumpy, I never gave up on my dream to manage my own business. In the process I expanded it to include a Social Media Agency.

What what's your favorite part of your day? The favorite part of my day is when I am engaged with clients brainstorming or executing Strategy. 

When do you feel most successful? When a client gives great feedback, get more likes on his/her social media pages or finally master the skills necessary to run their own social media pages/campaigns that's when I feel most successful. 

What do you do to recharge when you’re feeling drained? To recharge, I usually hang out at my chillspot: Have a drink, engage in backyard liming while grilling chicken, pork or burgers with friends while we relax and have fun. 

What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started as an entrepreneur? Well, I wish knew about the multiple Website platforms that exist today instead of just Wix. 

How do you optimize your day?

  •     Plan in advance
  •     Meditate
  •     Schedule appointments
  •     Bundle Tasks
  •     Break

Who is the person/people who allowed you to imagine more? My Mom and Dad are the two persons responsible for making sure I imagine more: they always provide the necessary support and advice when necessary. 

What does imagining more mean to you and your story? Starting a business isn't an easy feat and the road may not always be smooth; Ultimately though, the goal should always be to expand. Imaginging more for me means, exploring new possibilities, nuturing new partnerships, cultivating the creative being within myself and others; this would aid in creating more opportunities for my business.  

If you could do more of one thing every day what would it be? Go on a sales drive / make more calls