Entrepreneurs to Keep Your Eye On: Joanna Gaines


You know her, you love her, and you’re probably already keeping up with her, but if you aren’t already…. It’s time Joanna Gaines makes her way into your life and onto your Instagram feed.

Joanna first captured our hearts 7 seasons ago when she and Chip’s home flipping business, Magnolia Homes, was featured on HGTV. Chip and Jo have been adored by fans, who have kept up with all their business endeavors, ever since.

Joanna has always been an entrepreneur -- from her first little shop in 2003 to the recent opening of Magnolia Table in Waco, Jo proves time and time again that she loves expanding the Magnolia empire. Although not all of us can open a litte design store and suddenly end up on HGTV, there is a lot we can learn from Jo, Chip, and Fixer Upper.

First, your dream doesn’t have to stop after one business endeavor. If Chip and Jo stopped with the little design shop back in 2003, we would’ve never met them on Fixer Upper or seen their products at Target. Jo has always been pushing the envelope in order to launch her next project. She’s always present with whatever she’s currently working on, but is sure to think ahead towards the future.

Although chasing your dream is important, so is chasing your family. Jo has done a great job balancing both of these tough tasks. While she so clearly is invested in her vision of the Magnolia empire, she’s more invested in her purpose of being a mom. They’ve shared their family on Fixer Upper for 7 seasons, and fans have loved watching the 4 (soon to be 5) kids grow up. Sadly, Chip and Jo decided to stop recording Fixer Upper after 7 seasons because they felt they were called to focus on other projects, but also to recenter their life around family.

Finally, being real and yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself and your brand. In The Magnolia Story, written by Chip and Jo, they talk about how when they first started filming for HGTV they imitated what other shows similar to them were doing, how they were acting, and what their results looked like. After watching herself and her goofy husband on TV, Jo realized that what viewers were seeing on TV wasn’t who they really were. Now, we see more of their personalities on the show. Jo remains true to herself on Instagram, in her books, and on TV because the best thing she can do for the Magnolia name is be herself.

Story By: Anna Kate Newall