Entrepreneurs to Keep Your Eye On: Alex Garza

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Outside of keeping up with Imagine More’s podcast guests, it’s fun to keep up with Alex Garza!

I found Alex and her husband Michael a few years ago. Initially, I watched their YouTube videos (I’m a little bit of a junky in that department) and followed them on Instagram. In 2018, Alex and Michael have had some big life changes. Alex gave birth to a baby boy and they started their own clothing business. Good to Be is an online women’s clothing and accessory store. The first official launch was in February and monthly restocks with new product launches happen about every month.

Being a successful Youtuber has become these influencers business. They create consistent content and connect with thousands of followers every day. Recently, YouTube has become a career for people like Alex (who has a personal channel) and Michael (who runs their lifestyle channel). Because of all of the connections they created by sharing their lives on the internet, they’ve been able to establish a successful company. Alex has branded herself on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, connecting and sharing herself every day. The brand she established has transferred over to Good to Be. Followers can easily recognize the connection between Alex and Good to Be simply because her and Michael have successfully created a brand identity.

Although Alex and Michael aren’t your typical entrepreneurs, there is something we can all learn from them. First, chasing your passions is far more important than anything else you do. Alex started her career by working in Ulta. Then, she started her Youtube channel and has had the opportunity to partner with brands like EcoTools but has continued to chase her dream, starting a clothing store. For months, Alex and Michael kept Good to Be a secret and silently worked on creating something their followers would love. It’s so easy to tell just how passionate Alex is about this business. Second, personal branding is everything. Products aren’t the only thing that have to align with a brand. Yes, Chanel products must align with the Chanel image, but Alex and her passion projects must align with the personal brand she created on Youtube many years ago. Finally, you don’t start where you want to end up. Creating this store required a lot of work from both Alex and Michael, but they didn’t start creating this store all those years ago. They have planted seeds throughout their various different projects to ultimately put them in the position to create this dream business.

I’d encourage everyone to start following Alex to see how she balances it all. From being a new mom, a YouTube influencer, to a new business owner, Alex does a great job of balancing work and play.

Story By: Anna Kate Newall