Entrepreneurs to Keep Your Eye On: Jenna Kutcher

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When we aren’t listening to the Imagine More podcast, we’re tuning into Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger podcast.

I wish everyone could follow Jenna Kutcher and listen to the Goal Digger podcast. When I found Goal Digger a few months ago from a blog I read, I was hesitant. Goal Digger was nothing like any podcasts I regularly listen to. Would I really enjoy listening to this? Would I connect with the host? Could Jenna capture my attention for a full hour? The answer to every one of those questions is YES! Jenna is awesome, her podcasts are so enjoyable to listen to, and every week I find myself wishing the podcasts were longer than they are! Over the past few months I’ve come to love Jenna, her podcast, and following her on Instagram. Each week Jenna brings “productivity tips, social media strategies, business hacks, and inspirational stories” that help listeners propel themselves into their dream career. In addition to the array of topics Jenna discussed on the podcast, she also does something similar to the Imagine More podcast. She bring women who’ve inspired her and have left an impact on her and those around them to the podcast. These “girl bosses” as Jenna calls them share their stories and how they began to chase after their dream job all while life kept going. Jenna is always being transparent in the podcast, on her blog, or on her Instagram page. Jenna allows you to connect with her as if she was your friend sitting across from you at Starbucks! From simply connecting with her, you’d be able to tell she’s a dedicated wife, loyal friend, and motivated businesswoman. Jenna takes the time in each and every episode to shoutout reviewers, truly connecting with her listeners.

If I had it my way, everyone would be listening and learning to Jenna because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! Listening to Jenna every week (and sometimes more) has allowed me to learn so much about being an entrepreneur, how to market myself and accurately portray myself as a brand, and simple lifestyle tips. If everyone listened to Jenna on their morning and afternoon commute, my guess is they’d walk away feeling a lot more knowledgeable and interested in the topics Jenna discusses. I’m thrilled to follow Jenna’s success as she continues to reach people all around the world and in different stages of life. She is truly creating an impressive legacy while influencing podcast listeners!

Story By: Anna Kate Newall