How Color Influences Your Brand


It’s pretty obvious that color and branding come hand in hand. Color can not only influence buying habits, but it also helps consumers create a relationship with the brand. When you think of companies like Tiffany and Co’s blue or the bold red of Coca-Cola, you have an immediate association with that brand. From that initial reaction, you could probably imagine an advertisement you’ve seen or that company’s website. Color helps create a personality around the brand and stretches across all associated platforms.

When we onboard our partners, one of the first things we ask for is their brand guide, which would ideally include the brand color scheme. We take this color scheme and use it in all elements of their social strategy, from graphics to photoshoots. Our goal is to develop consistency across our partners’ social platforms, and the color scheme is essential to establishing this across the board.

Some of the most important places to incorporate your brand colors into your social media platforms are in your logos and graphic images. Our partners at DO GOOD X set a great example of how color can be used in branding throughout their Instagram feed. This approach can also be applied to your Instagram Stories if you are incorporating graphics into that strategy.

We love to incorporate our partners’ brand colors during our photoshoots and creative strategy too. Jewelry partners like James Allen and Brown and Co have impressive Instagram feeds where their brand colors are intentionally displayed throughout their feeds. We buy paper in the partners' brand colors and use it as a background for our flatlays, or select props based on these color schemes too. 2ULaundry's Instagram feed is a great example of how colorful props can be used to establish the brand colors within the creative strategy. 

Choosing your brand colors is an important decision. Color has a psychological effect that will influence consumer behavior, and different colors evoke different emotions among the audience. Think about your brand values and voice, and use color to reinforce these themes throughout your branding.

To learn more about branding beyond just the color scheme, check out our branding blog.

Story By: Imagine Media Consulting