4 Platforms that Help to Boost Organization


Whether it's a hectic Monday morning or a slow-paced Friday afternoon, organization is key within a company's flow, especially in younger ventures. There's no hiding that there are hundreds of options when it comes to organizational applications and websites, so here's a breakdown of four mobile platforms that are fundamental in maintaining organization in the midst of a chaotic workday:


Is time management not really your forte? Or do you just like to know how long something actually takes you? MyHours allows you to track your time down to the second for each task you work on and simultaneously organizes each item into categories. This not only keeps you on task and helps to subconsciously eliminate work distractions, but also allows you to see any tasks that consume too much time, so that you can adjust to your time-management to fit your schedule. MyHours is great for anyone worried about utilizing their time wisely, because let's face it-- time is the one thing you never get back!


Paper to-do lists are out, and digital, categorized checklists are in. Founders of the platform, Peter and Daniel, were frustrated with how long client projects and meetings were taking and were determined to create a more organized system. With Teamwork, you and your co-workers can create tasks for yourselves and each other, and can even filter them into subtasks to increase detailedness. When you're done, you can simply check each item off digitally, allowing the platform to function as a virtual task list at-your-fingertips for easy access and systematic organization. Plus, you can remind your co-workers that they need to finish that project they keep forgetting to do without having to talk to them in person. You'll never forget to do something again!


Evernote is everything you need in one: note-taking, organizing, prioritizing, archiving, and much more. With it's simple but innovative note creation capabilities, your team can now capture, nurture, and share ideas in an instant. The possibilities with Evernote are endless as they serve a variety of businesses and industries for their different needs including product design, managing workflows, conducting customer research, tracking sales, the list goes on. If you prefer everything in one place to boost organization, then this application is for you.

Last Pass:

There's no doubting that passwords are easy to forget, especially when you have different accounts for work, personal, and/or school. Last Pass is an all-encompassing password vault so you'll never have to remember a password again. It can get messy trying to keep track of all you're credentials, so for just $2 a month you can stop wasting the time it takes to try and fail with password codes and start putting it toward productivity! 

Story By: Krista Smith