How A Love / Loathe List Can Benefit Your Team


Positive morale is every leader’s ultimate goal amongst their team. It’s difficult to balance the necessity for the delegation of tasks and making sure that everyone is satisfied with the work that they are doing. Last quarter, our leaders introduced a ‘Love / Loathe’ list to the team, with the instructions to write down the tasks that we loved to do vs. the tasks that we’d happily let go of.

This was a daring move on behalf of the leadership because employees would next assume that the tasks in the loathe list may be reassigned. The exercise turned out to be therapeutic for the team. From a high-level perspective, it was rewarding to see the items on the ‘love’ list and the overlap amongst the staff. It was also advantageous to check in with the team about the pain points and see where tasks could be reassigned to either our group of incoming interns or to teammates who prefer certain tasks.

For example, staff members who don’t love to write put blog posts on their loathe lists. This was an easy fix because our team has a number of strong writers who would happily take on the additional writing opportunities.

No matter what method you choose to check in with your team about their overall happiness, the benefit of letting your employees know that they’ve been heard is priceless. Providing chances to give feedback will give you a window into the morale of your staff and allow your team to speak up about what they feel is important.