6 Tips & Tricks for Client Gifting


Who doesn’t love receiving a thoughtful gift? Gift giving is a big proponent of fostering a good relationship with a client. A lot goes into putting together the ultimate gift, so we’ve provided a few tips and tricks below to help simplify the process.

  1. Take Notes - This is essential for the gift-giving process. After you meet a client be sure to take notes about who they are and what they like. This could be something as simple as knowing they have 2 kids, like vacations on the beach, or love the local pizza place down the street. These can be easily logged on your computer with a note for each client. Luckily we are over the days where you have to store client facts in a Rolodex like Michael Scott!

  2. Create a Client Calendar - This can be created in your Google or Outlook calendar. By doing this, you will be sure to stay on top of all of the important times of the year where you should be thinking about your client. This can include their personal birthday, company birthday, and work anniversary. It would also be helpful to include any national days or holidays that apply to the client’s industry.

  3. Be Thoughtful - We all love a nice gift card, but the feeling you get when you receive a thoughtful gift is much more heartwarming. Instead of simply sending a gift card to a client, give them a present that applies to something from their fun facts & interests. Let’s say a client loves to bake as a hobby. Send them a nice baking tool or mixing bowl. This will show that you really put thought behind a gift, rather than sending a generic gift card.

  4. Include a Handwritten Card - Handwritten cards are a great way to add a personal touch. It takes time, but the nice feeling a client gets after reading a handwritten note is worth the extra time it takes to sit and write out a card.

  5. Keep Track - It is important to be keeping track of the gifts you are sending to your clients. This can be logged in the same place you keep track of your clients' fun facts & interests. Simply track what you have given them for each occasion as well as how much the gift cost. This will ensure that you are not giving the same gift for every occasion and that you are treating each client equally.

  6. Surprise & Delight - This is the most challenging thing to keep up with, but it is one of the most important pieces of fostering a meaningful relationship with a client. This could be anything from stopping by a client’s office with their favorite coffee, to treating them to a nice lunch every once in awhile.

What’s great about these gift-giving tips & tricks is that they can be applied to your personal relationships as well. Now thinking of gifts for the upcoming holiday season or a friend’s birthday will be a piece of cake! Happy gifting!

Story By: Kasey Kiser