Role Model Highlight: Richard Branson

As you mature in a role as an entrepreneur, it’s advantageous to look toward the greats who have forged the path as game changers in the world of startup businesses. I’m currently reading Richard Branson’s newest autobiography, Finding My Virginity, and it’s packed with inspiring anecdotes, life lessons, and quotes. From detailing how he made two new hires burn their business suits and ties on their first day, to retelling the night his home on Necker Island burned down with family and friends inside, this book covers everything that Branson has experienced fifty years after first starting his business.

There are few brands that can compete with the Virgin brand, and Branson shows so much pride and emotional investment into each venture he pursues. In addition to being an incredibly fascinating person, he's also an avid writer and has an extensive list of published work. In my office, we love to source inspiration from quotes, so I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Branson quotes of all time to inspire you to pick up one of his books:


Story By: Sophie Duncan