Why Branding is More Than a Logo


Here at Imagine Media, we love all things creative and as Imagineers, we’re constantly learning. That’s why we sit down every month or so with a fellow creative or expert outside of the social space. This month, we caught up with Elizabeth Hague from Wildcat Echo to discuss why branding is more than just a logo and why every company needs to invest in developing its brand.

When people hear “brand” their first thought is “logo”. And while a logo is one part, a brand is so much more. Words and images, fonts and style, perceptions and values all contribute to a brand. You want your brand to tell a story by using more than a picture.

5 qualities of a great brand include:

1. Consistency

Find your voice, stick to it, and create cohesive stories on all platforms.

2. Value Articulation

Articulate your brand promise through what you say, show, write and offer.

3. Relevance

Know your audience and how to appeal to and address your customers thoughts and feelings.

4. Compelling Idea

Whether you stand out as the dependable one, innovative one, or practical one make sure you know which ‘one’ you are.

5. Uniqueness

Stay relevant and memorable to make your business the go-to brand.

Developing a good brand will increase loyalty and marketability. It also results in a more coherent and focused social strategy. If you think you need some brand work, Elizabeth’s got you covered. You can learn more about Wildcat Echo here.

Story by: Imagine Media Consulting