3 Research Findings That Will Help Motivate Entrepreneurs

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It doesn’t need to be #FactFriday or #TipTuesday to get helpful, research-backed tips for being a successful entrepreneur. In fact, research and information can serve as great #MondayMotivation! No matter how you feel at the start of your week, let these facts put your journey into perspective and hopefully inspire you too.

1. Failure Leads to Flourishing

No one wants to fail, but maybe that’s part of the problem. A  2010 study on the value of failure in organizations found that those that failed both learned more from those failures than their successes and retained that knowledge longer. Vinit Desai, assistant professor of management at the University of Colorado Denver Business School, concluded that “organizational leaders should neither ignore failures nor stigmatize those involved with them; rather leaders should treat failures as invaluable learning opportunities, encouraging the open sharing of information about them." If you want to see the benefits of doing so, just look at the work of icons Steve Jobs, Tim Ferriss and Bill Gates. Read how they approached and responded to failure.

2. Maintaining Balance Improves Performance

Studies show that social interactions, both strong and weak, contribute to a person’s happiness by giving them a sense of community and belonging. You want to first create a work environment and establish practices that allow employees to feel a sense of belonging and joy. Then you must also allow yourself and your employees to have that work-life balance outside of the office to put emphasis on — or at least allow for — more social interactions. Research shows that when employees are more satisfied with their life, they are more productive and loyal to your company.

3. Voicing Your Goals and Successes Helps You Achieve More

Not only does setting goals and sharing them with a group or an individual help establish accountability, it also makes you four times more likely to achieve that goal. Furthermore, sharing your successes — as uncomfortable as it may be to sing our own praises — will help you achieve more because it produces positive reinforcement that can motivate you to accomplish more!

Story By: Kris Martins