How to Succeed in Organized Chaos


The life of an entrepreneur is without a doubt chaotic (in a good way, of course).  Staying organized is essential to success, and for some, it comes more easily than others. For those who love organization, planning, and anything that requires a spreadsheet, we’ve rounded up some tips that we use regularly to help us stay on track.

Plan Your Week on Sunday’s

The number one rule of organization is to start the week off strong by planning ahead. We’ve found that if you carve out time on Sunday to prepare for the upcoming week, Sunday scaries are minimized and Monday mornings feel a lot less daunting. Our Sunday prep routine starts with writing down a list of everything we have to do that week, literally everything. From laundry to calling Grandma, to important meetings, and pending work tasks, we write it down. We then organize this list by priority and assign it to a day of the week. If you’re looking for a good planner for this weekly structuring, we highly recommend the Life Planner.

Daily To-Do Lists

Since you already assigned tasks to specific days of the week, each morning when the workday begins it’s now easy to arrange your daily to-do list by priority and plug these tasks into a schedule between any existing meetings, appointments, or whatever else you have going on that day. If you schedule the day down to the hour by exactly what you’ll be working on, it gives you a time goal, not just a completion goal. This helps you stay on task and avoid distractions because you have assigned a deadline.

Take Time to Stop

This may seem counterproductive, but it definitely helps to take the time to breathe at least once a day. Take a lunch break, walk around your building, or run an errand to make sure you step away from the desk and purposefully break focus. After getting some fresh air and fueling your body, you’ll return to your work feeling recharged and you’ll be more productive in the long run.

Stay Balanced

Your line of work can be a very fulfilling part of your life, but you have to remember that it’s not the only part of your life. In order to feel balanced, it helps to be organized across the board. Pursue something that you enjoy outside of work, whether it's exercising, socializing, catching up on Netflix, or anything that brings clarity and balance to your life.  

Be Proactive

I’ve found that a good rule of thumb is to review your monthly calendar weekly, look at your weekly calendar daily, and review your daily schedule hourly. In my line of work, we’re always planning ahead. Whether it’s for tomorrow, next week, or the following month, we try to be one step ahead of ourselves. Avoid procrastination in order to give yourself a grace day when things just don't seem to go as planned. 

Friday Recap

As you move into the weekend after a productive and organized workweek, it's also a good idea to reflect on the past five days. We like to note any wins and identify areas that we can improve on for next week. It's so easy to rush out the door on a Friday evening, but taking this time to get centered lets you gain some closure and celebrate your accomplishments.

As you dive into your next whirlwind week, remember to hit the pause button and take some time to get organized first. Your future self will thank you for it!