3 Companies Use Powerful Storytelling for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and everything is painted in various shades of pink and red and roses, chocolates line the shelves, and the word “love” is all over the place. Businesses certainly want to capitalize on the day of love, and some go the extra mile to try to emotionally connect with their audience creatively. The three Valentine's Day commercials we’re loving this year do what good ads do best: make us feel something by telling a compelling story. Not all of these will make you cry. Some will make you laugh and smile too. Give them a watch then check out what we loved about their storytelling. For your convenience, we've organized them with the most feel-good first and the tear-jerker last. 

#ValentinesFairytale - Sixt

Sixt Rent a Car, a German rental car company, is known for its playful advertising humor, and they continue to let it shine in this Valentine’s Day ad about traveling to find long-lost love. The company uses drama and the mystery of adventure to rope viewers in as we follow a character who’s searching for a missed connection with someone. When we’re finally presented with what we expect to be the tale’s conclusion, Sixt shocks us with a jab of humor that puts a surprising twist on our assumptions. It caps off the ad by tying it back to a special on rentals, no matter your situation on Valentine’s. By building on romantic suspense then shaking up our expectations, Sixt creates a memorable ad.

You Know What To DO - Pandora

Pandora is focusing on the little things this year. This ad follows a woman who’s surrounded by public grand gestures on Valentine’s Day but who just doesn’t care for surprises like everyone else. She thinks it's all overrated but questions that thought for a moment — something we’ve probably all done at one point. That’s what makes this ad enticing from the get-go: through internal dialogue, viewers are able to relate to the character easily. Then the nonchalant but heart-warming ending is so normal that it’s charming. The more realistic scenario captures hearts, perhaps, by reminding us of the little moments in normal places and times in which someone proved that they get us like no one else does.

What It Means to Love - American Greetings

Now you can bring out your tissue boxes (maybe). American Greetings makes its case for why greeting cards are still relevant in the digital age. By giving us a glimpse of various situations of sadness, anger, struggle and more, the card company juxtaposes someone’s actions with what they may really mean. We’re instantly drawn to these stories as we recognize similar moments in which we weren’t able to say what we mean, yet someone showed us love despite our actions. American Greetings acknowledges that sometimes the right words are hard to find and we don’t always say what we mean, but that’s where they step in. By having us identify with these characters, the company inserts itself into our most vulnerable and heartwarming moments, making itself significant.

Story by: Kris Martins