Imagine More Highlights

With over 75 episodes recorded, we’ve learned from a collection of inspiring entrepreneurs. To celebrate their contributions to the show, we’ve rounded up some highlights from previous guests. A piece of advice that’s been a trend across each person we chat with is that it’s imperative to establish a network of other entrepreneurs to learn from. We hope you enjoy learning from these inspiring individuals as much as we do.

“As a female founder and as someone who both of us just want to take time to highlight the importance and just like share our appreciation for women like you who have always been there willing to help, willing to connect us to people, willing to just like celebrate our successes. You took us out to celebrate I think our two year anniversary. There's just not enough can be said about having women in your corner who are there to support, celebrate, share resources, help whenever they can, and so thank you for sharing these stories on your podcast but also being such an integral and important part of our journey and as a fellow founder but also as a friends and as someone who's kicking butt doing incredible things in her own way.” - Tallia Deljou, Mavenly + Co., Ep #50

“What I think, personally differentiates a great, strong company for me, is one that feels authentic, and walks its talk, and puts its customers first. So that's something that I really try to make sure we do every day as a team and as a company. What are our brand values, how do we make sure we live those brand values so that people ... we are an authentic brand and people see that we're an authentic brand. And then continuing to listen to, and not just listen but heed, and put into practice the feedback we get.” - Molly Fienning, Babiators, Ep #51

“I mean, yeah. A lot of my mentors, I haven't met them. They're people who I watch or listen to their podcast, watch their videos, watch their interviews. And one that I love especially when it comes down to starting your own thing is Gary V, right? And it's don't just start without a plan. He'll tell you everybody's got time, right? So if you really want to start something, you could keep your job. Let's call it 9:00-5:00. And then, what are you doing from 5:30 and really taking honest inventory of your time? What are you doing from 5:30-11:00 PM every night and what are you doing on the weekend? Because there's a lot of time there to start something on the side. And especially in the world that we live in now where it's flat because of the internet and people can become content creators or influencers from their backyard in Georgia. The opportunities are there.” - Mike Popowski, Dagger, Ep #52

“As the founder, I feel like anything that needs to get done can be part of my role. That's kind of what the job is. Now, knowing that and enjoying that are two very different things. Back to the matrix of things I love doing and I'm great at, things that I'm okay at doing and really enjoy, things I'm not good at and enjoy and things that I don't enjoy. Being able to work through that and move more of those things that you don't enjoy off your plate, especially when you're moving them to people who are better at doing them than you, that has definitely made it a far more enjoyable job.” - Andrew McConnell,, Ep #53

“A winner, despite their competition, is a person who will always think of ways they can win. To me, that's why I really want to put that message out there. Have a winner's mindset. Embrace your uniqueness. Your uniqueness equals value in the marketplace, and share it with the world. You have these God-given abilities for a reason, not to be selfish. You were bestowed with these great abilities so that you could bless humanity, so that we can benefit and appreciate your gifts. What if Steve Jobs didn't pursue his uniqueness and start Apple? We'd be without so many resources we use today. He had to pursue it.” - Juan Pablo, 100 Percent Financed, Ep #54

“This isn't about making money. Walt Disney was criticized for making movies. People said, ‘You only make movies to make money.’ And his correction to that was: ‘Hey, look. You've got it backwards. I don't make movies to make money. I make money because I love making movies.’ And I think the reason why I like starting businesses, I like being able to hire new people, isn't because it allows us to make more money, which ... Does it? Yeah. Our business has grown and all the good things. But for us, it allows us to reinvest in people, and I think that's something that over the years, it's just gotten lost. Somewhere along the lines, we miss the facts that humanity is a gift. And what if we could amplify that through doing work and providing a place where it doesn't matter if you have experience or not, we're gonna make a place if you're the right person who wants to come on this ride for us.” - Morgan Lopes, New Story, Ep #55