Things To Learn From The Office Dog


He’s everyone’s favorite coworker and there’s no doubt why this lovable giant brings so much joy to our office. Having a dog-friendly office is another way that millennials are diversifying work environments and redefining the modern workspace. Not only are daily dog pets releasing feel-good hormones all around the office, but there is actually a lot we can learn from our four-legged friends. There’s a science behind why people love puppies so much and dogs actually have a lot to teach us about how to be a good teammate.

Greet Your Coworkers With Excitement

When our dog is in the office, he greets each person who walks through the door with a wagging tail and a friendly face. Just because we don’t have tails, doesn’t mean we can’t do the same for our coworkers too! Saying hello in the mornings or asking how someone's weekend was will break down work boundaries and establish positive working relationships with your coworkers.

Share With Your Team

Gunnar the office dog will always bring us toys, sometimes two at a time. While your coworkers may be thrown off by you handing them a tennis ball, they would appreciate random acts of kindness. If you know your coworker’s been having a rough week, picking up their favorite coffee order on your way in could go a long way. Or perhaps you grab a dozen donuts for the break room. Small acts of kindness can brighten even the most difficult coworker’s day. Take the time to do something nice for your team and see how it boosts your office morale.

Be Curious

If there’s some type of excitement happening in our office, Gunnar is one of the first to know. He’s always keeping track of who’s coming in the door, who is on their lunch break or who might be open to giving head scratches. Being curious and attentive can often lead to new experiences or opportunities that you might not have noticed if you always have your head down.

Take Advantage Of Opportunities

Our office dog knows when there’s an important meeting happening in the conference room and never fails to whine at the door until someone lets him in on the fun. While that may not be the best method for humans, you can ask to shadow meetings or phone calls as a learning experience. Letting your team know that you’re interested in opportunities to learn can set you up for success in the long run.

Get Some Fresh Air

Being tied to the office all day may feel productive, but sometimes taking a break and getting some fresh air can actually boost your hustle. Having an office dog can actually promote the team taking breaks because there’s an excuse to step outside. Even if you don’t have a dog on your team, however, you can still schedule breaks to take a quick walk and get some fresh air.

Everyone wants to be well-liked amongst their teammates and taking a few pointers from the office dog may set you up to create those lasting relationships with your coworkers. Leading with paw-sitivity and a supportive attitude can go a long way!

Story By: Sophie Duncan