5 Tips for Phone Interviews


We all know job interviews can be nerve-wracking, and difficult to prepare for. Phone interviews can sometimes be the most difficult to prepare for because it is hard to portray your personality over the phone. These five tips can help the interview go more smoothly:

Do Your Research

Always prepare ahead of time. Research the brand, business, and core values so you are prepared when you are questioned about the business. You need to be fully knowledgeable about the company so that you don’t get stumped on any question pertaining to their business.

Remove All Distractions

Although finding a quiet place can sometimes be difficult. It is very important for the interviewer to be able to hear you clearly, they do not want to struggle to maintain the conversation. Being distracted during an interview will give the interviewer the impression that they are not your first priority.

Take Notes

As the interview progresses, make sure to take notes. You’ll want to be able to look back on these and review what the job entails. Being able to reference these specifics can make you feel more confident while speaking in your interview.

Be Prepared To Talk About Your Experience

During all interviews, a number of questions will be centered around your previous work experience. Being prepared to talk about both your successes and failures will leave you set for the interview process. Best practices for phone interviews would be researching interview questions and jotting down your answers, so you have a reference point if you get nervous or forgetful during your interview.

Always Ask Questions

Asking questions after an interview shows that you have been paying attention throughout the whole process. This does not apply to just phone interviews, of course. Make a point to repeat any questions or hesitations you have about the position to show your true interest about the job. After all, you should be deciding if this company is a good fit for you too!

Finally, always make sure to follow up after your interview. Your first impression counts, but so does your last. If you did not get this job, you might be considered for another opportunity at the company if you made a lasting impression. Good luck, and happy job-hunting!

Story by: Kelsey Currie