Work Boundaries: How to Set Them and Live by Them


Often times people feel consumed and overwhelmed by their work load. Whether you work from home or in an office, the stress of work can follow you outside your 9 to 5 hours. While it’s satisfying to have that empty inbox, setting personal boundaries when it comes to work will ensure you perform your very best while on the clock. 

Set a schedule and stick to it. 

Regardless of whether you work remotely or in an office, for yourself or for a team, creating a solid schedule and sticking to it will protect your personal time. Determining your ‘working hours’ and not running over them will help you balance your work life and personal life. Tell yourself that you can check your inbox as many times as you want during your work day but once 5:01 pm rolls around, shift your focus from work to personal matters that are external from work. It takes time to get used to setting boundaries, but you’ll thank yourself when you enjoy a dinner with friends or family without the underlying urge to answer an email.

Set aside time for a lunch break.

Carve out a set amount of time for a lunch break and use the time to literally enjoy your lunch. Read a book, listen to a podcast or music while you eat, or just simply sit and enjoy your food in peace. Taking a break to eat your lunch helps you recharge and get ready to tackle your afternoon tasks. If you’d prefer to eat at your desk and continue working, as a compromise take a walk or make a personal phone call to create space between you and . your work during a midday break.

Put it into practice.

By adhering to the boundaries you set for yourself, you’ll set the standard for the people around you to respect them too. These boundaries will soon become second-nature and enjoying time with family and friends without the thought of work will feel more natural. This practice will be especially important as we enter to the holiday season where family time and those little moments in your personal life are so important.

While these tips might not work for all jobs as some are your daily demands may vary, you should set boundaries that work for your work schedule. Feeling your best and performing your best goes hand-in-hand

Story By: Marissa Rubin