How To Establish A Supportive Culture


Working for a boss who is not supportive can lead to problems for the employees and company as a whole. It is important for the morale of the company to ensure employees are being treated fairly and supported above all else. Oftentimes, employers expect loyalty and support from their employees but may not be reciprocating the same feeling in return.

When employees feel supported, it has been proven that they are more motivated and work more efficiently. If employees enjoy showing up to work and put 100% into their daily tasks, the success of the business overall is likely to increase. Having a positive work culture is essential. 

As a leader, help employees set and retain goals, work through their weaknesses, and make space for positive feedback to show support. Consistent negative criticism can act as a deterrent. According to Forbes, 71% of millennial employees aren’t engaged at work and half plan to leave within a year of employment. Leading employees day by day will give them a reason to stay. 

On the other hand, as an employee working under a leadership team, it is important to get to know your leader’s personality. Many employers have a ‘straight to business’ persona which can easily be misunderstood. This unengaged attitude could be caused by lack of support from other employees. Help your boss out and give them a break by picking up a task or two of their’s. Respect their time and schedule meetings rather than bombarding them with questions. This will reciprocate their support. And if this doesn’t help, then it’s probably time to find a new company culture that’s a better fit overall.

Creating a good working relationship is a two way street that requires commitment and efforts from both the leader and the supporting staff. Leading with a positive mindset, empathy, and fostering a supportive culture will create a more efficient team in the long run.

Story By: Madeline Adair