New Facebook Dashboard App Measures Ad Performance


Facebook has launched a new dashboard tab called Facebook Attribution, which enables you to receive more insights and data on your advertisements. It gives each business an in-depth breakdown of their presence on Facebook, how they are performing, and includes relative data on contribution to sales. This new tool’s purpose is to provide more information to the businesses seeking help with understanding where they can improve on brand awareness and traffic.

Most traditional marketing tools rely on cookies and last-click attribution, which usually don’t give you a full run-down of the parts of your advertising campaign that really drive sales. Facebook Attribution has been designed to provide a more complete picture of your consumer so you know what audiences to put more money behind, whether it be paid, organic, or direct.

The dashboard incorporates data from multiple sources including Insights, Pixel, and other offline conversions. This gives a clear picture of the performance of the brand, rather than a general summary of sales and engagement.

The dashboard also includes insights into which devices are the most heavily used when viewing a product or company in order to make a website or page more appealing and viewable to an audience.

Facebook attribution does not solve the problem of the social ad to in-store conversion, but it does move towards a better understanding. Facebook Attribution is focused on making social ROI more clear and linking offline purchases to social media views. There is still room for improvement before it is efficient and completely accurate, but it is a step in the right direction when focusing on brand success.

Story by: Kelsey Currie