What Your Social Media Says About You


Standing out against the hundreds of applications that a company receives is a challenge. You want to put your best foot forward with both your resume and cover letter, but it’s important to keep in mind that your potential employer will be looking at more than what you provide them with. A candidate’s social media platforms are one of the next places a company might look to learn more about the person. A quick glance at your Instagram could make your break their decision to move you forward in the application process. So how can you present yourself appropriately on social media? We’ve gathered some recommendations that will ensure your social channels can help, not hurt your chances of getting hired.

First and foremost the most fool-proof way to avoid any social media faux pas is to keep your profiles private. There’s nothing wrong with having a private social life, and your potential employer will understand that if they start researching your online presence and find that you prefer to stay under the radar.

In some circumstances, however, it could work to your advantage to give your employer a peek into your personal life. How we choose to present ourselves on social media tells the employer a great deal about your personality, interests, values and beliefs. If you’re interviewing at a company that’s curious whether you’ll fit into their culture or even hoping for more diversity, then showcasing yourself in a positive light could help you stand out from the competition.

Being intentional about what you’re sharing is, of course, an important thing to consider if you choose to keep your profiles public. Being considerate to other people’s viewpoints and sensitivities will help you decide right from wrong when it comes to your social media posts. Obviously steer clear of anything that would be outwardly offensive or inappropriate for a work environment.

If your profiles are public, it’s also important to review your previous content and make sure it’s in line with the values of that company. Even if its a post from a while back, your future employer may not want to know what you did that one Saturday night during your Freshman year of college!

Think of your social presence as an extension of you and curate the content in a way that you would want to be perceived. As long as you’re posting creative and positive content, there’s no reason you should feel uncomfortable sharing this with the world, potential employers included. If there’s ever a time that you’re not sure, always heir on the side of caution and avoid posting.

Story By: Sophie Duncan