What To Bring to An Interview


Before an interview, lots of candidates focus on preparation, such as researching the company, the team & their mission. This is a great way to walk in the door with confidence, but there is one more step that can be a total game changer. Believe it or not, there are things you can bring to an interview other than yourself that can put you at an advantage. We’ve rounded up a list of the most impressive ways you can go above and beyond at an interview.

Your Planner, Calendar Or Whatever You Use To Stay Organized

Telling the interviewer that you are organized is great, but being able to show someone how you stay organized is even more memorable. When candidates remark on their organizational abilities, we always follow up by asking them if they have their planner or can show us their process. Being able to demonstrate your skills is a a great way to get the attention of the team.

A Physical Portfolio

Even though everything is moving to a digital, having a physical copy of your portfolio on hand can make a world of difference. In the event that the conversation steers towards a particular project you worked on, nothing beats being able to show the finished project in person. Even if your portfolio doesn’t directly relate to the position you’re applying for, it’s still a great way to tell your story visually.

Copies of Your Resume

While most companies will have seen your resume long before you walk through the door, it’s always a good rule of thumb to carry a few extra copies just in case. If your interview is going well, you may be introduced to more people on the team than the hiring managers. Leaving those teammates with a copy of your resume will leave a lasting impression as they have the opportunity to view the resume after your conversation.

Gifts Are Good, But Don’t Go Overboard

Unfortunately, there’s a fine line between a thoughtful gesture and trying too hard. If you feel comfortable bringing a token of gratitude to the hiring manager, by all means, do so, but don’t make it something so extravagant that it feels insincere or like borderline bribery. If you know that their interview process includes multiple rounds of interviews, perhaps save the gift for the second meeting and make it something thoughtful that shows you were listening at the first time you met them. For example, if they mentioned their favorite coffee shop, bring them a coffee from there or if you know the boss has a dog, bring a dog treat.

Equipping yourself for an interview, both mentally and physically, is so important. Setting yourself up for success is the best way to feel confident and impress the team.

Story By: Sophie Duncan