Beating the Sunday Scaries


If you’ve never heard of them, the Sunday Scaries refers to the anxiety or dread that builds up on a Sunday afternoon and strengthens into the evening. A survey on Monster discovered that 67% of Americans reported experiencing these Sunday night blues. So while there’s not really a scientific reason for these Sunday fears, if you experience them you’re definitely not alone.

We did some research on how is best to combat the Sunday Scaries, but first and foremost it would be a good practice to question why you’re experiencing them in the first place. If you’re dreading work because you’re in a role that is no longer fulfilling you, or taking too much from you, then it may be time to have a bigger conversation with yourself about your job. If you’re simply experiencing average Sunday Scaries, however, we’ve got some good tips on how to avoid them and set yourself up for an amazing week ahead.

Positive Self-Talk

What goes on in our head is 100% under our control. If you’re telling yourself that you’re about to have the “worst week ever,” then you’re probably going to experience just that. If you find yourself being your own worst enemy on a Sunday night, instead try to focus on the things you have to look forward to during the week. If you have nothing scheduled, take the time to book that workout class or social meet up so that you do have something on the horizon other than a daunting work week.

Work Out

There are few better ways to deal with stress and anxiety than working up a sweat. You don’t have to be at a boot camp class to achieve this either. Even something as simple as taking a walk and enjoying the fresh air can boost your happiness level and end your weekend on a high note.

Clean Up

Coming home from work on a Monday evening feels even worse when you are greeted by a messy house. Use your anxiety to fuel a cleaning spree and take care of everything on your to-do list, especially laundry!

Avoid Checking Your Email

If your mounting inbox is on your mind, then it might be best to stay as far away as you can. Avoiding electronics could be just the ticket when fighting your Sunday Scaries. Know that whatever is waiting for you in your inbox will still be there tomorrow and set the boundary to tell yourself that Sunday night is yours, not work’s.

… Or Tackle It Head On

On the flip side, even just opening your computer for 30 minutes to an hour and preparing for the week with intention and confidence might also be helpful. If on Monday morning you walk into the office knowing exactly what’s coming as far as your to-do list, meeting agendas and any other pop up items, you’ll feel ready to take on the week headstrong.

Get Lots of Sleep On Sunday

That Monday morning alarm clock is might feel like an oncoming train, but its way less intimidating if you simply get enough sleep the night before. Even if this means turning down earlier than you normally would on a weeknight, try it once and see how the difference in sleep affects your work week. You won't’ regret it.

Wind Down With A Sunday Routine

If you’re worried about not feeling tired at that previously discussed early bedtime, take some steps to tell your body that it’s time to start winding down. Whether it’s taking a warm shower, turning off electronics, or doing some restorative yoga, all these steps can trigger relaxation and fight that anxiety.

Wake Up Early On Monday Morning

It may sound counterproductive to your early bedtime, but waking up earlier than usual on a Monday actually feels pretty good. If you wake up early to purposefully give yourself some quiet time before rushing to the office, you’ll feel like you own the day rather than the day owning you. Take an extra hour or half hour to do something for you. You could watch the news, catch up on Instagram, walk your dog, or even just sit outside and meditate. Beginning your day with self-care will definitely beat those Monday Scaries, or at least make you feel more prepared to face them head-on.

Make Friends In Your Office

Remember that 67% statistic that we mentioned earlier? That means that more than half of your coworkers also faced some type of Sunday Scaries yesterday too. Be a friend and ask them how their weekend was on Monday morning to break the tension and cruise into the week energized with your experiences from the weekend.

Sunday doesn’t have to be scary, and Monday doesn’t have to be something you dread. Just like in so many areas of business, your mindset can have a large effect on your wellbeing. Next Sunday, arm yourself against those Sunday Scaries with these tips and get ready to welcome Monday with open arms.

Story By: Sophie Duncan