3 Ways to Start 2018 Focused


It's a new year and you're excited to see what 2018 has in store for your business. You want to continue to grow and succeed, but how exactly do you determine what needs to be done in order to achieve more in the new year? Here are three ways you can uncover the things you should change, add or subtract from your business for a better year. 

1. Review and Reflect Together

Before you can begin to plan what you want to accomplish this year, carve out time to examine the performance of your business with your team. Review financial metrics, new strategies and tools you implemented and the state of the overall work environment. Ask your team to reflect on their department’s performance — list their main successes, their biggest struggles and what could improve their work in the coming year. Encourage them to also share how you could create a better, stronger work environment. Find ways to reward, celebrate and encourage one another, creating an atmosphere that inspires creativity, ownership and a network of support for each other.

2. Set New Goals

Now that you have your team’s feedback, create yearly goals for your business. What do you want your company to achieve and look like at the end of the year? Jot it down. Now have your team do the same for their respective departments. Does one team need to budget their time more efficiently to be more profitable? Determine how much you want your sales to grow. Once you have yearly goals set, break it down by quarter, month, weeks and days. Read more tips on goal-setting here.

3. Research & Organize

Efficiency can only help your business. Set aside time to look outside your own workplace. Research the best tools for optimizing efficiency and the 2018 trend predictions in your industry. You may find that you should be using Slack to communicate with each other more effectively or that you should start having your teams create visual diagrams and checklists for their departmental goals. Whether you implement a new applicant tracking tool for HR or ditch the paper training guides and go digital, these changes should help start your business off on a more organized foot in 2018 so you can reach your goals with more ease. Plus, staying on top of trends and technology can only put you ahead!

Story By: Kris Martins