5 Mobile Apps to Help Boost Productivity


When running your own business, your schedule is packed, your mind is moving fast and the day seems to be moving faster. Whether you're communicating with your team, closing a sale or saving files, efficiency is key to maintaining order (and your sanity). Reduce clutter, minimize errors and simplify workflows with the help of a few handy mobile apps. Here are a few of our favorites and highly praised platforms for the busy entrepreneur. 


Say goodbye to group texts and inundated inboxes. Slack simplifies internal communication by putting it all in one place. Conversations are departmentalized and accessible, allowing for better team productivity and transparency. Slack helps you organize your conversations by allowing you to create channels, or group conversations, for specific teams or accounts. You can also customize notifications so only the people who need to be a part of the conversation are looped in. Slack also integrates dozens of apps into your channels to streamline your workflow.  


MobileDay makes dialing into conference calls and online meetings easier for the entrepreneur-on-the-go. You can call in from anywhere with just one touch — no need to fuss over PINs or validating call info — whether you’re the host or participant. It syncs with your smartphone calendar and sends you notifications about your upcoming meetings so you never miss a call. And if you’re running late, you can customize a message to inform other participants.


A healthy mind is essential for a more productive you. Headspace offers a plethora of meditation sessions that focus on areas from sleep to anxiety to stress. It even has condensed meditations for the busiest of bees (that’s you, probably). Studies have shown that meditation boosts creativity, focus and productivity, and, according to Headspace’s website, a number of initial studies have found that “online mindfulness training does produce results similar to in-person training.”


When you’re jumpstarting your business, you’ll be signing and receiving signatures on tons of documents, from contracts to invoices. We all know how inconvenient it can be to print a document, hand-sign it, scan it then save it to your computer before you can finally send it back to someone. SignEasy removes all those middle steps and allows you to sign documents through your smartphone so you can get important documents signed and squared away in a more timely manner. It also tracks the status of documents so you’re notified when everything’s signed or you can send reminders to parties to complete their portions.

Google Drive

Google Drive is great for two main reasons. It removes the stress of potentially losing your files if, say, your computer crashes or you lose a device. They're all living in the cloud, just like your Dropbox files do. And with the app, you can access your files on the go and share them with clients or teammates quickly through a simple link — no more “You attachment is too large to send via email” headaches. No need to worry about losing edits either. Google Drive saves and syncs files as you work on them.

Story By: Kris Martins