Company Culture: Healthy Vs. Unhealthy


A healthy and positive company culture is one of the most sought after components for young adults (millennials) who are on the job hunt, so if you haven't thought about your company culture, you might want to start, because I think the millennials are on to something.   

Some good questions to ask yourself about your company's cultures is: (1) What makes for a healthy and desirable company culture? (2) What can negatively impact the culture?

A healthy cultures derives from a multitude of things, but some important ones to note are:

  • Core values that the company lives by
    • If everyone within the company have a common mindset and hold the values of the company close to them, then chances are they will invest more, care more, and in the end will be more successful.
  • Show employees that they are valued 
    • By going the extra mile by hosting a happy hour or remembering birthdays, you give your employees a chance to feel appreciated and bond with others around the office. If your employees have the mindset that their coworkers are more like their second family, they will be more engaged, productive, and loyal at work. 

A negative company culture will present 3 taletell signs: 

  1. No Incentives
    • If you don't get rewarded from time to time with your work, are you really inclined to try your absolute best? In a perfect world the answer to that would be yes, but in reality we all like to be appreciated and noticed. If you implement something as simple as a monopoly system-$5 to someone who does something notable- your employees will be more willing to go above and beyond for your company. 
  2. Nobody Knows You
    • Companies with a cutthroat mentality, where you are just a number that they have to pay monthly, create an atmosphere that is untrustworthy. You will find more intense internal competition which will end up with short-term gains but a significant drop in client satisfaction. You want your employees to support one another and celebrate each other's accomplishments. When greed gets in the way, nothing but negativity grows. 
  3. Fear and Negativity Rule 
    • Someone respecting you vs. someone fearing you are completely two different things, and if you disagree then you might want to reevaluate. Striking fear into your employees is never a good idea and the reason for this is because if they are always so concerned with messing up and doing things right, they never are able to grow and help your company prosper. If someone makes a mistake and they fear you what do you think the chances are they feel comfortable enough to come to you and learn from you so they can be successful the next time around? My guess is slim to none. 

A fun, desirable company culture is up and coming and it's important for your business to hit the ground running with this new way of business. A happy employee means a happy customer which means a happy you! 

Story by: Hannah Bagley