Choices Every Entrepreneur Must Make

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1. Expansion | With any company, growth is seen as improvement. However, when starting a business, remember that a smaller size is more manageable and less risky. The temptation to want to personally oversee everything happening at your company can hinder your business' growth. When growing a new business it is smarter to use the "grow wisely" mantra. For example, at Imagine, we're firm believers in building relationships first and foremost. That's led us to major organic expansion - from working with six clients in our beginning months to over fifty now! 

2. Pricing Your Value | You know your value, but how do you relay this to potential clients? Explore the price that your target market is willing to pay and determine where you want to stand in the marketplace. Ask yourself: Are you affordable and valuable to the average client? Do you offer a premium other companies do not? Do you have extras that can lead to additional charges? Once you have answers to these questions, you'll make much better choices when it comes to pricing your services accordingly.

3. Using Time | We always think there's plenty of time in a day, and as a result, consistently push deadlines to the next day. Starting tomorrow not only pushes your dreams one day further, it can also drive you to constant daily regret of not having enough done in one day. Entrepreneurs must make the choice to use their time wisely.

4. Don't Compare | As humans, we are consistently comparing ourselves to others, and entrepreneurs  are put under the additional pressure of needing to compare their business to competitors. Instead, an entrepreneur must choose not to lose sight of their professional journey and individual growth. An entrepreneur chooses to go at their own pace, not someone else's. 

5. Create Goals | Sit down and physically map out your goals with a realistic end goal. Additionally, take some time to reach out your to your team members and find out their professional goals, too. An entrepreneur, you'll need to choose to work as a team to reach your company's goals.

Story By: Reshma Brahmbhatt