4 Awesome Facebook Groups for the Female Entrepreneur

female entrepreneur facebook group

You already have a Facebook, so why not utilize it for your business? Below, we've listed 4 amazing Facebook groups catered to the female entrepreneur! Most of the groups require that you request to join, but typically acceptance is fast, and you'll be a part of a community in no time! See below:

1) Tech Ladies | I've been a member of Tech Ladies for a year now and it's truly one of the best Facebook groups I've ever joined. The women in the community frequently pose questions to the group, offer insight, and generally support one another. Even if you're not actively searching for a job (members of Tech Ladies get access to a secret job board, weekly newsletter, and exclusive events), it's a great resource and you'll learn a lot about what being a woman in the start-up and tech world looks and feels like!

2) Savy Business Owners | This group is for savy women, who want to support and learn from like-minded female business owners. It boasts of daily prompts (Motivation Monday, Share & Care Tuesday, Wednesday Weekly Mixer, Thursday Talk, & Fist Bump Friday) that keep you inspired and motivated. 

3) Social Boss with Caitlin Bacher | For creative business owners who want to share thoughts, ideas, and insights with others! Caitlin Bacher offers a few free downloads on navigating Facebook, creating groups, and generally being the boss of your company's social media presence!

4) The Ladypreneur Community | It is exactly what it sounds like! A group of lady entrepreneurs who share and learn from one another as they navigate the crazy road of entrepreneurship! 

Are you in any entrepreneur Facebook groups?